Lower School pupils follow the Be More Griffen course during their two years in Lower School. The course is designed to encourage them to be:

  • Growth-focussed: Believing in themselves and reflecting carefully on how to improve
  • Responsible: Thinking about their own actions, putting their values into practice, and being a good team player
  • Independent: Being able to set their own goals and coach themselves effectively
  • Fearless: Prepared to take on new challenges and push themselves out of their comfort zone
  • Flexible: Ready to adapt to new situations and show resilience when things don’t go as planned
  • Empathetic: Able to listen to and understand the ideas and views of other people
  • Nurturing: Supportive of others, both in school and in the wider community

Lower School pupils have a Be More Griffen lesson with their tutors once a fortnight to discuss these ideas and hear from several inspiring outside speakers over the course of each year.

A variety of speakers have visited Abingdon: