At Abingdon, we take great care to make sure everyone within our school community feels valued, safe and that they belong. We promote a culture of consideration and kindness, fostering an inclusive and caring environment, one in which diversity is celebrated, respect is advocated, and discrimination is disparaged.

We believe everyone has the right to reach their true potential, have access to the same opportunities, and we remain committed to do all we can to listen to, and support, our pupils and staff to ensure equity within our community.

Our curriculum:

Throughout our curriculum, we ensure that different faiths, ethnicities, genders, sexualities, backgrounds, families, nationalities and ages are represented, because we know the immense value that can bring – both in helping to strengthen our own culture of inclusion and in preparing our young people for life in a fast paced and ever evolving world.

Personal Development and Ethics and Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education programmes:

In addition to our curriculum, we foster emotional growth through personal and social education within our PSHCE programme, helping our young people to problem solve and equipping them for life beyond school. Delivered in an age appropriate way, with the concept of wellbeing running throughout, it includes dedicated teaching sessions, assemblies, seminars and visits from speakers on a broad range of topics.


different nationalities


students join from the State sector


of school roll receiving subsidised fees

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Committees:

Our student-led DEI Committees are founded on the belief that we can all learn from each other and that differences and similarities should be celebrated and promoted. The Committees work together to foster an inclusive environment where everyone feels comfortable and welcome, regardless of their age, ability, race, cultural heritage, gender, sexuality or beliefs.


Within the broader community of Abingdon and Oxfordshire as a whole, we have a wide range of service and partnerships activities covering a wide range of initiatives. These include collaboration to embed a mutually beneficial relationship with our wider community and partner schools through our partnerships programme and the OX14 Learning Partnership; as well as the CCF, fundraising and volunteering activities.

Free and subsidised places:

We are keen to ensure Abingdon remains a school for students from a range of socio-economic backgrounds. As a result, free and subsidised places are made available to those pupils who meet the School’s high academic standards but who, for financial reasons, would otherwise not be able to consider Abingdon for their education.