At Abingdon, we offer a range of scholarships which supports our ethos of encouraging the very best academic achievement, as well recognising contribution at an exceptional level across our Other Half programme.

All scholarship and award holders must meet the appropriate academic entry criteria. Awards are reviewed annually, and are subject to satisfactory academic progress and behaviour. Scholarships are awarded to both internal and external candidates at 13+ and 16+ in the following areas:

In recognition of exceptional performance in the third year, academic scholarships may also be awarded to internal candidates at 14+. In addition, a number of academic and music awards are offered at 11+.

Scholarships and the 11+ academic awards entitle the holder to a nominal fee remission of £300 per annum. Music scholarships and awards also come with free tuition on one or two instruments. It is possible to apply for further financial assistance through a means-tested bursary which can be worth up to 100% of fees.

First Year (11+) Awards

Academic Awards

The Headmaster makes a number of awards following exceptional performance in the entrance assessments. All candidates who attend our assessments are automatically considered for these awards which comprise:

  • John Roysse awards: for outstanding performance in the entrance tests and interviews.
  • Griffen Awards: for all-round performance across assessments.
  • Head’s Awards: in recognition of a particular strength or talent. (Please note, these do not come with a fee remission).

All first year awards are held for the two year duration of our Lower School. Thereafter, award holders, along with non-award holders, may be considered for a scholarship application at 13+ by the Master of Scholars.

Music Awards

Music awards are made following an audition and interview, in which the candidate’s general musicianship, as well as musical potential, is explored with the Director of Music. As a guide, candidates should play two instruments, and have reached grade 5-6 standard in at least one of them.

Candidates who are registered for a first year place will be invited to express their interest in applying for a music award in September of Year 6. Those candidates who have expressed an interest will first be invited to a friendly and informal pre-audition with the Director of Music, who will give further guidance about the process and advise on their suitability for application.

Third Year (13+) Scholarships

The full range of scholarships is available for Third Year applicants, with scholarship assessments taking place in the Spring of Year 8. Only students who have a confirmed offer of a place at the school may apply. Please see the relevant scholarship pages for details of the assessment process.

For students at a UK based Prep School, all applications are made via their Prep School. They will be able to advise on the suitability of a particular scholarship and the assessment process.

Due to curriculum requirements, it is unlikely that overseas students will be able to apply for an academic scholarship. However, should overseas students wish to explore academic scholarship options, they may contact [email protected]. Students who perform exceptionally well throughout the Third Year may also be awarded a scholarship in recognition of their achievement.

For internal students, the Master of Scholars, along with Heads of Department and the Lower School Housemaster will propose suitable candidates to the Headmaster for consideration. Internal candidates will then follow the same assessment process as external applicants.

Sixth Form (16+) Scholarships

The full range of scholarships is available for Sixth Form applicants. For internal students, the Master of Scholars, along with Heads of Department, will propose suitable candidates to the Headmaster for consideration.

Academic Scholarships

External candidates interested in applying for an academic scholarship take scholarship papers in their four preferred A Level subjects, together with a general paper and reasoning paper. There will also be one or more interviews.

All pupils already at Abingdon will automatically be considered for an academic scholarship by the Master of Scholars in conjunction with Heads of Department. In making the final decision, each pupil’s reports and academic record throughout Middle School are considered, as well as their final GCSE results. Those who become scholars on entry to the Sixth Form all have excellent GCSE grades, but that in itself will not win a scholarship, as so many Abingdonians achieve excellent results at GCSE every year.

Other Scholarships

An assessment process takes place in the Michaelmas term of the Fifth Year (Year 11). Please see the relevant scholarship pages for further details. All students must also meet the necessary academic requirements. Internal candidates will be proposed for a scholarship application by the Master of Scholars and the relevant Heads of Department.

Dates for September 2023 Entry

Dates for September 2023 entry
Sixth Form Entrance/Academic Scholarship exams* 16 November 2022 & 4 February 2023
Art, D&T, Drama, Music and Sport Scholarship Assessments 16+ November 2022
First Year (11+) Music Award pre-auditions Tuesday 22 November 2022
Deadline for all 13+ scholarship applications Friday 25 November 2022
Entrance examination 11+ Saturday 14 January 2023
Deadline for Art and D&T portfolio submission Friday 20 January 2023
Art and D&T Scholarship 13+ Wednesday 1 February 2023
Music Scholarship and Exhibitions 11+/13+ Thursday 2 February 2023
Drama Scholarship 13+ Tuesday 7 February 2023
Sport Scholarship 13+ Thursday 9 February 2023
Academic Scholarship 13+ w/c 27 February 2023

*Please contact the Admissions Department to discuss suitable dates