12 July 2022

Lower School pupils and parents enjoyed hearing from visiting speaker Talan Skeels Piggins at the Be More Griffen Celebration in the last week of term. Talan, who also spoke at our start of year event back in September, reflected on how he overcame a road accident that left him paralysed from the chest down to compete as a skier in the Winter Olympics and to race motorbikes against able-bodied opponents. He also told us about the adventures he has embarked on since his last visit, including taking part in the Round the Island Sailing Race and getting engaged! As ever, Talan was a truly inspiring speaker and a real embodiment of the Be More Griffen values. Talan also presented the end of term prizes including half-colours and colours ties. The special prizes were awarded as follows:

Academic Prizes: Charles Nelmes (1B), Louis de Chazal (1C), Felix Price (1H), Guy Vivian (2M), James Thistlethwaite (2P) and Jonathan Watcham (2S)
The Broadbent Cup for sporting excellence: Joe Campbell
The Cooper Cup for excellence in reading: Toby Stone
The Dillon Cup for service: Edmund Kimber
The Woodgett Cup: George Slater

The second half of the evening saw each second year tutor group give a presentation reflecting on the Be More Griffen programme and concluded with a slideshow of photographs recording their two year journey through Lower School. We wish them all the best as they move into Middle School.

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