There is a wide range of sport on offer at Abingdon; over 30 different choices at the last count.

Our philosophy is to support those who aspire to compete at the highest level, whilst offering opportunity and encouragement to those students who are simply wanting to enjoy their sport and physical activity.

The debate, which invariably ensues regarding compulsion versus choice, is an inevitable one. Sport at Abingdon is a compulsory part of the curriculum; we do however operate an options system, allowing pupils to opt for the sport of their choice from those available. We believe that during their time here, the majority of our pupils will find a physical activity, which not only challenges them, but also stimulates a lifelong interest. Please refer to our Policy on Students’ Sporting Commitments for more detail.

The School is proud of its sporting history and of our aim to provide more opportunity to more pupils. A dedicated cohort of staff enthuses students to achieve their individual potential and nurture talent. External coaches with specialist skills complement the team, offering additional support and expertise.

By browsing through the activities below, you can see the wealth of sporting opportunities available.

In addition to the term time sporting activities we also offer sports coaching camps during the school holidays.

Tom Donnelly, Acting Director of Sport and PE


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