In recent years we have bought and part funded new boats and training equipment. Last year we bought a leg press for the boathouse. All of the purchases are made possible thanks to the funds raised through our events and contributions at Regattas. 

Rowing is a very capital intensive sport: for example, a new single scull can cost up to £9000 and a new “eight” up to £50,000. Add in the cost of spares (riggers: £400 each, shoes: £100, seats £180 etc.) and the running costs of the launches and pick-ups, and the bills soon mounts up.

The Abingdon Boathouse Appeal 2003 saw a spectacular financial input from FASBC. In the period up to July 2003 £65,000 was raised towards the new boathouse which was built in the summer of 2003.

The success of FASBC is recognised widely, within Abingdon School itself, but also by other rowing schools and organisations. The recipe for success is quite simple. Mix together rowers’ parents, heaps of enthusiasm, lots of humour and an equipment wish list from Mark Earnshaw, Teacher in Charge of rowing.

With a little help from my friends…
2020 New ‘eight’ for the J14s
2017-18 £1640 for the purchase of a leg press for the boathouse
2015 – 16 £9200 A new Filippi pair
2014 – 15 £6000 Eight Watt bikes
2013 £5000 for a set of telemetry
2011-12 £10,000 raised for a “swingulater”
2009-10 £10,000 raised towards a new “eight”
2008 Launch and new pair
2007 New pair
2006 £6,500 for a new Four
2005 New quad for the J14s
2004 £4,288 for 5 new ergos
£500 for a second-hand ergo
2003 £8,528 for the purchase of ex GB coxless four – Peter & Elaine Hemsley
2002 Funds carried forward
2001 Funds carried forward
2000 £4,000 towards purchase of new coxed four – James Cobban
1999 £3,000 towards the purchase of a four from Shiplake – Anita
1998 £3,000 for various equipment
1997 £2,347 for the purchase of 10 blades for the 1st VIII
1996 £2,600 for the purchase of a second hand eight for J15 – Amici Societatis
£2,000 for Grenoble rowing camp
1995 £2,000 for two second hand quad sculls and two sets of blades for J14/15
1994 £873 Octuple Scull conversion
1993 £250 towards the Boat Club Easter Training Camp
1992 £10 Mower spare parts
£45 Boat Trestles
£1,000 Boat purchases
1991 £250 towards the costs of the senior coxed four representing England in the Home Counties Championships