Lower School (equivalent to Years 7 and 8) is very much a ‘school within a school’. We appreciate that the move from primary school to secondary school can be a bit daunting so we make sure our Lower School retains a small, friendly feel to it where every pupil is known – right from the outset.

There are around 65 pupils in each year and Lower School has its own character, environment and atmosphere. The new houseroom has proved a tremendous success with a games room and study hall solely for the use of this in the first and second year.

Heading up the Lower School is Adam Jenkins. Adam was himself a pupil at Abingdon – a few years ago now! – joining from a small primary school, so he understands very well what the move to secondary school feels like.

There are three tutor groups in each year group and the children see their tutor every day, so tutors get to know every individual in their care very quickly and are always there to answer any questions or queries they may have over their first two years at Abingdon. First and Second Years spend most academic lessons with their tutor group so they also get to know each other quickly.

Two induction days are organised for pupils joining the first year before the start of term in September, giving them the chance to explore the campus, meet the Head of Lower School and their tutor, and start developing new friendships.

To further help the settling in process, each First Year pupil is paired up with a Second Year ‘mentor’ who they meet up with on a regular basis. There is also a group of lower sixth formers appointed to be Lower School Assistants who organise activities for the First Years. These older pupils are ideally placed to provide the pupils with any help they need as they get to know the school.

If you have any queries about Lower School or would like to know more, please contact Adam Jenkins by emailing [email protected].

Our first years would be happy to take you on a tour of the Lower School Houseroom – watch the short video.

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Further information:

Head of Lower School

Abingdon School Housemaster: Adam JenkinsAdam Jenkins

Adam was a pupil at Abingdon from 1986-1993, having previously attended a local village primary school. After studying for a Classics degree at Bristol University, he returned to Abingdon as a Classics teacher in 1999, becoming Head of Lower School in 2001. As well as organising Other Half activities for Lower School boys and the School’s bellringing club, Adam runs The Moldova Project which sees groups of Sixth Formers visiting Eastern Europe each summer to run camps for disadvantaged children. He enjoys singing and bellringing and is also somewhat obsessed with Star Wars!

Lower School Tutors

1G: Mr Graham Cook

1H: Dr Rebecca Howe

1V: Miss Tory Hurrell

2C: Mrs Samantha Coull

2M: Mr Peter Moore

2P: Mr Hugh Price

What our parents say

“Our son has absolutely flourished in his first year at Abingdon. Having joined from a village primary school, the wealth of new experiences offered, both academically and through the Other Half activities, has seen his confidence shoot through the roof.”

“When our son visited Abingdon for the first time he described it as ‘warmer’ than anywhere else he had visited, and we are delighted to have found that to be true.”

“Our son has thoroughly enjoyed his time in Lower School. He’s been nurtured and encouraged by kind and supportive staff and is now ready for the next step.”

“My son has thrived in his first year at Abingdon and has loved the entire experience.”

“Both our sons have successively loved every minute of their Lower School life, and we could not be more delighted with the care and devotion given by all teachers.”

“With an unrivalled deftness, Mr Jenkins settles the children and their parents into their new school environment. His swift, orderly thought and care quells all and every query and anxiety. He is the jewel in the crown of Lower School.”

“The pupils are given a huge amount of support to help them to settle into life at Abingdon.”

“My son regularly comes home buzzing about his day after having the opportunity to hear an inspirational speaker, “be your best programme” or after having tried a new sport or just after having enjoyed interesting stimulating lessons.”