Abingdon School Parents’ Association

ASPA – Connecting Parents, Supporting School life

You may have danced or dined at a whole school event, stocked up at the Second-hand Uniform Shop, quizzed against other parents or perhaps you’re about to meet up with fellow parents and your year group reps. Either way, as an Abingdon School parent, you’re automatically members of ASPA (at no extra charge).  

With your support, we’re pleased to be able to support the parent community and to help towards school life. 

We use ClassList as a means of direct parent to parent contact. When you received registration information from the school you will have consented (or not!) to allowing ASPA permission to contact you with details for being invited to join the ClassList community and therefore giving you access to contact details for other parents in your son’s tutor group, year group or House year group. If you have not received this invitation to join ClassList, and you wish to do so, then please contact Clare Coombs at aspa@abingdon.org.uk

Please note ClassList is used by ASPA only for parent to parent contact. The School does not use ClassList for any communication to you nor do they monitor Classlist. 

In addition to parent to parent communication ASPA, over the years, have achieved the following…

  • Thousands of parents have come to ASPA organised events over the years and interest in the new and different events being run continues to grow!
  • Over £100K has been donated to the Partnership Programme (previously the Annual Fund) since 2011 which is largely thanks to the number of events supported by parents.
  • Each year, a group of boys are recipients of the OA and ASPA Travel Awards, helping towards the cost of overseas experiences, usually involving research or charity work. 
  • The Second-hand Uniform Shop has raised tens of thousands of pounds in recent years and includes the donation of the Yamaha Grand Piano now living in the foyer of the Amey Theatre, as well as the Merlyn Bowling Machine used by cricket players.

If you’d like to know more or come along to one of our meetings, please contact us at aspa@abingdon.org.uk.
ASPA: THE social network for parents.

Dear Parent

Welcome to ASPA – the Abingdon School Parents' Association

If you are new to Abingdon School, you may automatically assume that ASPA is a PTA which is something that we are not. We are a parents’ association where our main focus is to be a conduit for parents, enabling them to contact and meet other parents either in social situations or via ClassList, be it at year group level or at all school events.

We have had some super events over the last few years including black tie all school events at Pembroke College, Eynsham Hall and Lains Barn. We’ve had a trip on the Thames, skating, bowling, race nights, barn dances, outdoor skittles and our annual quiz night is a must for quizzers who love a fun night out. 

Whilst our main focus is always to enable you to meet with other parents, we also raise some funds at some of these events. Funds raised are transferred into our fund and then allocated back for specific projects for the Partnership Programme for the direct benefit of our local community and our boys. For more information about this, see ‘About ASPA’.

We hold meetings at 7.30pm once a term, and you are always welcome to come and attend our meetings. Whether you would like to take an active role on the ASPA Committee or be an ASPA Occasional Helper to help at any of our social events you are most welcome. Please contact us at aspa@abingdon.org.uk if you would like to get involved.

Kind Regards

Karen Hope
Chair ASPA

ASPA is run by parents for parents. It provides networking and social opportunities through:

  • Year Group social evenings and events
  • Lower School social evenings and events
  • Whole School Events

SUS (Second Hand Uniform Shop)

Whilst SUS forms part of the overall parents’ association, a dedicated SUS team led by Marilyn Moore, run SUS. If you have any questions or suggestions, please email sus@abingdon.org.uk.

ASPA Community

You are invited to participate in an active role in our vibrant parent community by joining the ASPA Committee or adding your name to the Occasional Helpers List. Contact Karen Hope (Chair) by writing to aspa@abingdon.org.uk.


As one of the main functions of ASPA is to provide networking and social opportunities for parents, we are very keen to receive ideas which can be developed to achieve this objective. If you would like to suggest an event, whether at Year Group or Whole School level please contact ASPA via email.

ASPA Donations

Whilst ASPA focus on social networking for parents we also raise funds which are donated back into the school, for the community as a whole or to enhance Other Half activities.

Some of the donations we have made in the last couple of years:



  • £3500 - Virtual Reality Open Casket Computer for GCSE students & Computing Clubs
  • £1000 - Developing Resilience and Wellbeing Through Sport - Sporting Community
  • £1248 - 2 Tensile Testing Rigs for the Physics Department
  • £1250 - 1 Analog Film Enlarger for the Art Development & Photography Club
  • £1000 - SLA Technology Formlabs 3D Printer for D&T Students


  • £1000 - Solar Telescope - Physics Department
  • £1800 - Left Handed Rifle - Other Half
  • £720 - Raised Beds for Gardening Club - Other Half
  • £1500 - Classics Trip Bursary - Classics
  • £500 - Makeblock Robots - Other Half

Donations from SUS 2017/2018:

  • £6000 - Merlyn Bowling Machine - Cricket
  • £1000 - Developing Resilience and Wellbeing Through Sports - Sport

Donations from SUS 2016/2017:

  • £4800 - Cricket Nets for Cox's Field
  • £2765 - Film School for Lower School
  • £1065 - Teach Physics using Scalectrix

See the full list of ASPA SUS donations to the Annual Fund.

The ASPA committee is composed of current parents/guardians, up to two staff representatives and, if they wish, representatives of other parent societies e.g. Music Society. The Head, Director of Admissions and Development Director are ex officio members. The committee meets once a term. A sub-committee organising a specific event may arrange additional meetings.

The current ASPA Committee is keen to welcome new members, particularly parents/guardians from those year groups currently under represented. Potential members are most welcome to attend a committee meeting and meet everyone before committing themselves. If you are interested in joining please contact Karen Hope (Chair) at aspa@abingdon.org.uk.

We appreciate there are people who prefer not to commit to joining a committee but are very willing to volunteer their help at specific events. If you would like to join our ‘Occasional Helpers’ list then please let us know using the ASPA email address above and we will contact you.

ASPA Committee


  • 1st Year - Vacancies
  • 2nd Year - Clare Coombs and Fiona Stone
  • 3rd Year - Jay Hunt, Kathy Howat and Zoe Phillips
  • 4th Year - Olivia Andersson, Beth Trotter and Lee Turkel
  • 5th Year - Sue Wallis
  • Lower Sixth - Vacancy
  • Upper Sixth - Vacancy
  • School rep - Ian Fishpool

Committee roles:

  • Chair – Karen Hope
  • Vice Chair – Nicola Markham
  • Treasurer – Christina Williamson
  • Secretary – Kathy Howat
  • Partnership Programme link – Christina Williamson
  • ClassList Coordinator – Clare Coombs
  • Events Coordinator – Karen Hope
  • Occasional Helper Coordinator - Vacancy
  • Publicity - Heather Atkinson
  • SUS Coordinator - Marilyn Moore

You can contact ASPA by:

The Privacy Policy for Abingdon School Parents’ Association is available by clicking here.