Learning Support is provided by a full-time Head of Learning Support and two full time teachers in a designated building. We take a graduated response, to match each pupil’s level of need. At each stage, pupils are encouraged to take an active role in managing their learning and to set themselves high standards. Parents, tutor and housemaster are involved in decision-making and are kept fully informed of the recommendations, actions and interventions at all stages.

This outline should be read in conjunction with the School’s SEND and Learning Support Policy, with the Access Arrangements Policy and with the Admissions Policy found on the School Policies webpage.

The main forms of intervention include: reasonable adjustments in class; small groups for study skills and revision ‘clinics’ offered by subject teachers; 1-1 lessons (mostly short term) for areas needing support, such as organisation, developing writing skills, revision and exam strategies and study skills. Lessons are organised on a rotational basis to minimize disruption to the boy’s curriculum.

The majority of pupils follow the full curriculum. In exceptional circumstances, some boys are permitted a slight adjustment to/reduction of the curriculum, to allow for longer-term 1:1 support. This will only be put in place following close consultation with the pupil, with parents, with tutor and housemaster, and with the Head of Section and the Deputy Head Academic.

It sometimes becomes apparent that a boy needs formal assessment for SEND by an educational psychologist so that his learning profile can be fully understood. This is also a requirement for access arrangements in public examinations. We refer to outside specialists for this formal assessment, usually needed at one point during the boy’s career at Abingdon. As per the School’s Access Arrangements Policy, these are ultimately subject to the examination boards’ agreement. In line with our Admissions Policy, the School permits access arrangements for entrance tests, provided there is valid and up to date evidence in the form of a formal report as above.

Mrs Sarah Beynon, Head of Learning Support