We recognise that the School has a huge responsibility both to improve the sustainability of our organisation and to educate students to ensure that they, and generations to come, have a sustainable future.

We aim to make sustainability a part of everyday school life; from incorporating topics throughout our curriculum, to watering our 1st XV rugby pitch from a borehole. Initiatives range from replacing lights with LED, to building new developments to high sustainability standards incorporating features such as air source heat pumps and responsibly resourced materials.

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REGO certified electricity supply


biodiversity zones created


trees across the Foundation

“As educators, we recognise our role in shaping future generations. We want our students to understand the challenge of climate change and have the tools with which to make a difference. By committing to improve our sustainability, we are doing what we can now to ensure our students inherit a planet in which they, and their children, can live and thrive in the future.”

Michael Windsor, Head 

Our students are very much involved in the schools’ sustainability planning and students are encouraged to ‘own’ initiatives. We have a student Eco Committee which feeds ideas into the staff Environmental Committee. The Student Eco Committee aims to increase awareness throughout the school of climate issues and to hold it to account for its effect on the environment. It is working towards a new eco-friendly era for the school.

The staff Environmental Committee is a cross-section of support and academic staff from different departments throughout the school including estates, grounds, transport, catering and teaching staff. Together the committee and the student Eco Committee are the driving force behind sustainability initiatives.

We know that we have a lot more to do in working towards a sustainable future but we have made big strides in recent years and are working towards achieving the Eco-Schools Green Flag Award.


waste recycled, with zero to landfill


sustainably sourced foods have been incorporated into our plant rich menu


energy produced per month from waste

“I love being in the Eco Committee as it allows me to take an active role in helping the School combat climate change.”