The Abingdon School Day

Below is an outline of a typical day at Abingdon. Timings do vary across year groups and from day to day. However, the table below will give you a general idea of the shape of the day.

8.35am Boys arrive in School and meet with their tutors
8.45am Assembly or Chapel
9.00 - 9.50 Period 1: Lessons for all
9.55 - 10.45 Period 2: Lessons for all
10.45 - 11.05 Break
11.10 - 12.05 Period 3: Lessons for all
12.10 - 13.05 Period 4:  Lunch / activities / tutorial / assembly for some, lessons for others
1.10 - 1.55 Period  5: Lunch / activities / tutorial / assembly for all
2.00 - 2.55 Period 6: Lunch / activities / assembly for some, lessons for others
3.00 - 3.55 Period 7: Lessons for all (except Wednesdays when after school activities take place for all)
4.00 - 5.15 Period 8:  After school activities

The timetable gives boys plenty of access to Abingdon's extensive Other Half programme.

Many boys travel to and from school by school bus. Buses arrive in time for boys to meet their tutors at 8.35 and leave at 5.20pm following after school activities ("The Other Half").

If you would like to see the boys in action, you can view our videos of the Yang Science Centre and Greening Court.