Lower School

Boys come to Abingdon’s Lower School (Years 7 and 8) from a wide range of primary schools. We appreciate that the move from primary school to secondary school is potentially a daunting one and so manage the transition carefully with new boys being given the chance to enjoy two induction days before the start of term in September. 

Considerable focus is put on team building and getting to know new classmates in the first weeks of term. Older boys in the Lower Sixth act as Lower School Assistants spending time with Lower School boys at lunchtimes organising a range of activities to help the settling in process.

Lower School boys have their own newly refurbished houseroom, located in Big School, where they keep all their equipment and where they have access to a Games Room and a Study Hall.

The Lower School curriculum offers an introduction to a broad range of subjects and is intended to prepare boys for their GCSE studies with time spent on developing study skills and revision techniques – in essence, our aim is to help the boys learn how to learn. All boys follow the “Be the best you can be” course, a programme designed to create a lasting legacy from London's hosting of the 2012 Olympics.

Lower School boys are able to participate in a wide range of Other Half activities and are all automatically entered for The Baker Award which aims to encourage them all to make the most of the opportunities on offer. A residential Adventure Trip for Lower School boys is offered in the Easter holidays to allow them to develop their team building and leadership skills.

The boys are split into three tutor groups and see both their tutor and the Lower School Housemaster on a daily basis. A healthy competitive spirit is encouraged through inter-tutor group competitions.

The article Moving On gives an idea of how some first years found the move to Abingdon, while the photo slideshow below gives a flavour of what a first year gets up to in a typical year.

Do feel free to contact me (adam.jenkins@abingdon.org.uk) if you have any questions about life in Lower School.

Adam Jenkins

Adam was a pupil at Abingdon from 1986-1993, having previously attended a local village primary school. After studying for a Classics degree at Bristol University, he returned to Abingdon as a Classics teacher in 1999, becoming Lower School Housemaster in 2001. As well as organising Other Half activities for Lower School boys and the School's bellringing club, Adam runs The Moldova Project which sees groups of sixth formers visiting Eastern Europe each summer to run camps for disadvantaged children. He enjoys singing and bellringing and is also somewhat obsessed with Star Wars! He is currently Chair of Governors at Carswell Primary School in Abingdon.


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