Boarding Activities

Boarders are encouraged to take full advantage of the large variety of activities available to them. With access to the Sports Centre, Fitness Suite and Music School throughout the week and weekends, boys have plenty of activities to keep them busy.

In addition, there is a diverse range of boarding trips, socials and activities available in termly programmes. We also run a weekly Enrichment Programme which concentrates on mastering everyday tasks and delves into issues and lessons that are more often learnt in the home setting.


  • Cinema Trip
  • Dodgeball


  • Cotswold Wildlife Park trip
  • Go-Karting
  • Paintballing
  • Social with Downe House (3rd Year)
  • Inter-House Sports
  • Movie Night & Pizza
  • Bowling trip


  • Social with Westonbirt (3rd Year)
  • Thorpe Park trip
  • Movie Night & Pizza
  • Bath trip
  • 3rd Year choice activity
  • Inter-House Sports
  • L6th choice activity
  • Oxford punting trip


  • Social with RHS Bath (3rd/4th Year)
  • 4th Year Choice Activity
  • Oxford Museum Trip and Lunch
  • Social with Headington (4th/5th Year)
  • Inter-House Sports


  • Movie Night & Pizza: Film TBC
  • Bowling Trip
  • Chinese New Year Dinners


  • Social with Westonbirt (5th Year)
  • London Trip
  • Movie Night & Pizza
  • Boarders' Quiz and Curry Night
  • House Trips
  • Social with Headington (6th Form)


  • Boarders Welcome Chapel and Dinner
  • Boarders Team-building day
  • New Boarders Oxford orientation trip
  • Games Night
  • Social with St Mary's Calne (4th/5th Year)
  • Portsmouth Trip
  • 5th Year Choice Activity: 5-a-side Football & Pizza


  • Breadmaking Activity
  • Movie Night (3rd/4th/5th Year); Poker (Sixth Form)
  • Social with Headington (Sixth Form)


  • Social at Westonbirt (3rd/4th Year)
  • Bonfire Night & Fireworks - Didcot
  • U6th Choice Activity: Dinner at Cosmo, Oxford
  • Inter-House Sports: Basketball
  • Social at St. Mary’s Calne (Sixth Form)
  • Bowling Trip
  • Movie Night & Pizza: “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”
  • Social at Headington (5th Year)


  • Christmas Party and Tree Decoration
  • Winchester Trip
  • Williams Formula 1 HQ Trip
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Boarders Carol Service and Dinner