28 May 2021


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From the Headmaster to all parents:


Covid-19 Home Testing over Half Term

The Department for Education has asked that tests continue twice weekly over Half Term, and that a test is taken before returning to School, whether that be on Monday 7 June or subsequently (for fifth and upper sixth).  Students should record the result of their test, whether it is positive or negative, to the School and also to NHS Test and Trace, please.

Middle School revision advice

Revision advice was given to the 3rd Year and 4th Year students in this week’s assembly in preparation for the end of year exams.  Any parents wishing to see the advice can access it via this link.  The students have also received the link in case they want to revisit any of the points raised.

Book Collection – REMINDER for parents of Upper Sixth and Fifth Year students

With most students on campus for their last lesson in each of their academic subjects, they should ensure they return their books to their class teachers during their final week, or follow local departmental instructions.  For fifth and upper sixth the deadline for book returns is Half Term.

Only the few pupils who are working remotely should bring their books back next term if they are due back in September: they should return them directly to the Second Master in his office on the first day of term.  Leavers who are working remotely won’t be charged for their books, as the cost of returning them is so high.

Many departments number each book, and record the book number.  Students MUST put their name in the book, too. When the issued copy is returned by your child the head of department then knows not to charge parents for the book. If the pupil returns a copy belonging to someone else then their parents are billed for the ‘missing’ copy and the original ‘owner’ is credited with having returned his book.

Teachers do not spend valuable time issuing emails to parents asking for books to be returned, as we expect students to be responsible for this operation.  Please remind your child.

Parents are not reimbursed for the late return of textbooks which have been charged on their bills because heads of department have had to spend resources on buying replacements for books not returned.

Many thanks for your help in this matter.


  • Music Technology Lessons – opportunities after Half Term, from the Director of Music, Michael Stinton

I am pleased to offer pupils some lesson slots that have become available for the ever popular Music Technology. Our teacher, Mr Alex Hehir, has put together some Music Technology information so that parents and pupils can be aware of what is offered in these weekly one-to-one lessons. These lessons are offered on the same basis as instrumental lessons, details about which can be found on this link to the website.

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Food Menu for the coming week – Week 1

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