We hope that every Old Abingdonian considers himself an important part of the wider School community. The Old Abingdonian Club was set up to maintain OAs’ links to the School and to each other, so that both current and past pupils may continue to benefit from their association. All Old Abingdonians are automatic members of the Old Abingdonian Club.

We know that some form of alumni association has been in existence since 1743, when ‘The Gentlemen Educated in Abingdon School' met that year on 6 August. We are now in contact with more than 5,000 Old Abingdonians – a vibrant community spanning several generations.

In line with recent changes to data protection laws, Abingdon has been undertaking a communication preferences exercise with all Old Abingdonians to ensure that we are clear as to what relationship they wish to have with us. This means that you, as an Old Abingdonian, may have received an email, letter or phone call asking you to confirm how you would like to hear from us in the future. If you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to email oa.club@abingdon.org.uk or call +44 (0)1235 849098. 


The OA Club offers a wide range of activities for OAs:

Annual events include year group reunions, university-based and regional reunions, sporting events and career networking events.

OAs receive Abingdon News (the School's termly newsletter), Griffen (the OA Club's annual magazine), and the OA Club e-Newsletter (sent quarterly).

Online Communities
We have active groups on Facebook, InstagramTwitter and LinkedIn.

Careers Programme
Many OAs support aspects of the School's Careers Programme by volunteering to help at career events and mock interviews and by hosting internships for L6 pupils.

The work of the OA Club ensures a lifelong network of friendship, advice and support. We hope that you will make the most of what is on offer!

From the Chairman, Ken Welby

It is certainly a revelation to go back to School, especially if it has been a while since you were last there. Depending on your age, you will experience various states of amazement at some of the changes you will see. The latest addition is the gleaming new Beech Court, creating a Library, a light and airy Art department and a very grown-up Sixth Form Centre. A lot of space has been reconfigured and upgraded, so where you might have learnt woodwork in the past is now offered up as a house room. There has been a lot of change at the School, and many OAs have helped to make this happen through generous donations.

Don’t worry – some things never change at Abingdon. School House still dominates in its Gothic splendour, and Crescent has its reassuringly calm air of Edwardian gentility. I think that particular smell of catfish and formaldehyde has just about been exorcised from the old Biology labs, but the Dining Room still has the certain aroma particular to that beloved institution.

What hasn’t changed much is the average Abingdon School boy. Though demographics may have shifted and altered the labels we ascribe to them, internally the boys are pretty similar to OAs across the generations. They still have that same slightly untidy look that is a product of the healthy distractions that Abingdon School throws up. Life’s too short to tuck your shirt in if you are working on stage set design, kicking a ball about on Upper Field, or rushing to music practice.

The boys also share the same questions and concerns that we all did. Am I clever enough to go to University; will I be able to get a job; what should I study?

This is where the experience of OAs is so valuable. Please come back and remind yourself of what you were like as a 17 or 18-year-old. You were probably shy, confident, smart, successful, disorganised, clueless, focussed – simultaneously – just like our boys are at School today. It is great to come back and share your common experience with them, and help make sure they take the right steps in the future.

Of course it is also great to catch up with old friends from yesterday, and gauge how much or how little they have changed. This is where your OA Club excels. Come back and relive your youth on the Hockey pitch, laugh with your old form mates, or reminiscence at the London Drinks Reception. The School looks forward to welcoming you again, to show how things have and have not changed.

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.