19 Nov 2021


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From the Headmaster to all parents:

Dear Parents

I’m grateful to the many of you who responded to our recent surveys. We’ve had an excellent response which will allow us to develop a thorough understanding of parental opinion. The results will inform the strategic plan which the School’s governors are refreshing this year.

This week our focus in tutor periods and assemblies has been anti-bullying week. Its theme this year is ‘one kind word’ and we’ve all been encouraged to remember the value of kindness and the difference that a kind word can make.

We have also been marking International Men’s Day today which brings a focus on men’s physical and mental health. There can be a tendency for men to feel that admitting that they are struggling is a sign of weakness. We are trying to develop a culture at Abingdon where our students recognise that asking for help requires courage and is actually a sign of strength. It’s heartening to see students coming forward and seeking assistance readily while initiatives such as the Peer Support Lead programme are helping provide further valuable sources of support.

The Peer Support Lead initiative is part of the wider range of partnership activities that we run with five other local schools from both the state and independent sector. Today we hold at the Guildhall in Abingdon the formal launch of the OX14 Learning Partnership which strengthens the relationship between these schools (Abingdon, Fitzharrys, John Mason, Larkmead, Radley and SHSK) and provides a framework for the continued development of fulfilling and rewarding partnership work.

Best wishes, Mike Windsor


Covid-19 and 2022 Public Exam Notices:

Driving near the School

We would like to remind parents to act with courtesy and consideration when driving near the School and to respect parking instructions and speed limits. If you are waiting in Park Crescent to collect your child, we ask you to switch off your engine to reduce pollution and in the interests of the health of students, staff and local residents.

From the Director of Music, Michael Stinton:

Abingdon Box Office:

  • Soveida Ensemble’s Charity Concert for Afghan Refugee Children – Saturday 27 November at 7pm. The Soveida Ensemble was first established in 2014. Based on a long since forgotten form of Classical Persian music, the Soveida Ensemble performs on some of the oldest instruments created, including the Tanbour, Setar, Tar, Daf, Tombak and Ney. Funds raised will be used to support MIND in the delivery of specialist mental health support to Afghan Refugee Families.
  • Ocean Film Festival World Tour – Tuesday 30 November at 7:30pm. Brought to you by the team behind the Banff Mountain Film Festival UK & Ireland Tour, this carefully curated selection of short films combines epic human endeavour and astounding marine life in a spectacular cinematic celebration of our oceans. Meet surfers, paddlers, divers and oceanographers who have dedicated their lives to answering the call of the ocean in the wildest corners of the planet.

News from the Week:

Food Menu for the coming week – Week 1

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