16 November 2021

Last Wednesday a team of 13 Abingdon runners travelled to compete in the St Albans Cup. A hotly contested competition which attracts the likes of The Judd School, Harrow, St Albans and St Columba’s College, and a race that will lay a marker down for the races to come over the season.

An air of anticipation settled over the start line just as thick as the drizzle that was falling over a windless Woollam fields. The gun went off and the runners quickly settled into their paces for the 5km course, Abingdon grouping well towards the front of the pack.

Approaching the second lap and with roughly 2.5km to go the pace was lifted by Rowan Miell-Ingram (U6), which split the group and applied pressure to the front runners. As he rounded the last corner there was clear daylight between him and the chasers allowing him to enjoy the finish line as the 1st placed runner home. Will d’Arcy (L6) and Quinn Miell-Ingram (5th Year) ran strongly to finish in 4th and 5th respectively. Special mention must go to Oliver Sherratt (4th Year), Olly Carrington (5th Year) and Jacob Charity-Williams (5th Year) who ran superbly well in their first senior race, and show great potential for the future.

Well done to all involved.

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