Abingdon School 16+ Scholarship Examination for entry in September 2021

  • Academic: Sixth form academic scholarships may be awarded on entry to the School from other schools, the scholarship examinations being held on Saturday 14 November 2020 and Saturday 6 February 2021 (remote testing). Overseas candidates may sit their papers overseas and should get in touch with the Admissions Registrar to agree details. Candidates will sit papers in at least four of the subjects they intend to study at A level, together with a general paper and reasoning paper. There will also be one or more interviews. Please contact the Director of Admissions or Master of Scholars for more information. All boys already at Abingdon will automatically be considered for an academic scholarship on entry to the sixth form, and there is no need for boys to make an application. The Master of Scholars conducts an internal process, in which the heads of the various academic departments nominate the top boys in their subject for consideration. In making the final decision each boy’s reports and academic record throughout Middle school are also considered, as well as the final GCSE results. Those who become scholars on entry to the sixth form all have excellent GCSE grades, but that in itself will not win a scholarship, as so many Abingdonians achieve excellent results at GCSE every year.
  • ArtUp to two art scholarships are awarded after examination of portfolio work, a practical examination and an interview.
  • Design & Technology: Up to two design & technology scholarships are awarded after examination of portfolio work, a practical examination and an interview.
  • Drama: Up to two drama awards.
  • Music: A number of music scholarships, including free tuition on up to three instruments. We also offer instrumental exhibitions giving free tuition on one or two instruments. Music awards are based on auditions on at least two instruments.
  • Sport: Up to two sports awards.

Both sports and drama awards are made on the strength of an assessment of appropriate skills and achievements in a practical session and at interview.

Scholarships carry a nominal financial reward. However, as is the case for all other pupils, there is an option to apply for further financial assistance through a means-tested bursary. Tenure of awards is conditional upon continued good work and behaviour.

Dates for September 2021 Entry

Dates for september 2021 entry
Register By October 2020
Entry form deadline (online form to be completed by boy’s parent/legal guardian) Friday 16 October 2020
Academic Scholarship exams/interviews Saturday 14 November 2020 & Saturday 6 February 2021 (remote testing)
Auditions/Assessments for all other scholarships Week commencing 17 May 2021 tbc