What are we looking for?

A number of awards will be made annually to candidates who demonstrate significant ability as stage performers combined with a strong commitment to working as part of a creative team. Successful candidates will, in addition, display such personal qualities as enthusiasm, initiative, imagination and dedication as well as be able to demonstrate their ability to inspire and motivate others.

It is expected that drama scholars demonstrate sufficient interest and aptitude to pursue Drama and Theatre Studies to GCSE level and beyond. Sixth Form (16+) candidates must be studying Drama at GCSE (or equivalent) level and be choosing an A Level in Drama in order to be considered for a Drama Scholarship.

Scholars’ Programme

It is expected that Drama scholars will participate in a range of extra curricular school productions and play a leading role in the life of the department. They will be invited to participate in the scholars programme of lectures and dinners, as well as a separate programme of events and trips focused particularly on drama. Previous scholars have performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, played leading roles in our award winning Abingdon Film Unit, and have gone on to have successful careers in theatre and television.

The 13+ Assessment Process

Third Year (13+) applications are made via your son’s prep school. For internal students, the Teacher in Charge of Scholars and the Head of Drama will propose suitable candidates to the Head for consideration. Internal candidates will then follow the same assessment process as external applicants.

Candidates will be asked to submit a CV outlining their range of experience and achievements as a performer, as well as their interests in other areas.

They will then be invited to an audition where they will be asked to perform a two-minute speech from a piece of scripted drama that has been chosen, prepared and learnt with the aim of showing the candidate’s vocal and physical skills to best advantage. The piece will ideally demonstrate some range or contrast. They will also be given a choice of two short dramatic speeches, and then given time to prepare one for a “work-in-progress” performance. The purpose of this task is for us to be able to see how they work independently on preparing a performance in a short amount of time and what theatrical choices they bring to it, to contrast with their prepared performance.

Candidates will have an interview with the Head of Drama and the Teacher in Charge of Scholars to explore their interest in drama and theatre and to discuss the role and responsibilities of a drama scholar.

The 16+ Assessment Process

For Sixth Form (16+) applications, please contact [email protected].