What are we looking for?

Applications are invited from candidates who have a talent, aptitude and ability in product design and manufacture across a breadth of media, both traditional or digital. This could include 3D projects using a range of materials such as wood, metal and plastics; paper-based creative designing and sketching; computer-aided design, 3D printing or robotics; or electronics and coding.

Sixth Form (16+) candidates must be studying Design & Technology at GCSE level, be choosing an A Level in the subject and be willing to develop their skills both within, and outside, the A Level curriculum in order to be considered for a Design & Technology Scholarship.

Scholars’ Programme

Design & Technology Scholars are expected to make the most of the facilities of the School’s Design & Technology Department to pursue their particular interests and develop their skills both within and outside the taught curriculum to GCSE level and beyond. They will be invited to participate in the scholars programme of lectures and dinners, as well as a separate programme of events and trips focused particularly on design and technology.

The 13+ Assessment Process

Third Year (13+) applications are made via your son’s prep school. For internal students, the Teacher in Charge of Scholars and the Head of Design and Technology will propose suitable candidates to the Head for consideration. Internal candidates will then follow the same assessment process as external applicants.

Please note, a candidate may not be submitted for both an Art and a D&T Scholarship.

Candidates are asked to submit a digital portfolio of work, either as a PDF presentation or a hosted web page, to showcase their area(s) of interest. The portfolio should show a variety of work (sketching, CAD or SketchUp designs and photographic or video evidence of any 3D work) and may include modelling, small projects or kits. Evidence of work conducted outside of the classroom is encouraged.

Candidates will be shortlisted for a half day of assessment in which they will be set a design challenge; and have an interview with the Head of Design & Technology, when they will be expected to talk about their work and interest in the subject.

The 16+ Assessment Process

For Sixth Form (16+) applications, please contact [email protected].