About Abingdon Science Partnership

The Abingdon Science Partnership (ASP) is primarily a science outreach organisation supported and funded by Abingdon School. The aim of the ASP is to strengthen participation in science in a wide variety of ways across the Abingdon district and beyond. The ASP works with local primary and secondary schools; community groups such as Scouts and Guides and local organisations such as the ATOM Society and Science Oxford. In addition ASP is an official partner with national organisations including the Institute for Research in Schools, the Young Scientists Journal and the Ogden Trust Primary Science Partnerships.

The ASP can offer support for science related events in many different ways including school visits, equipment loans and use of our dedicated and well equipped science teaching laboratory. These facilities are available to all types of school and community groups.

To find out more about our activities and how we can help your school or other group please follow the appropriate link below, or contact Jeremy Thomas, the ASP co-ordinator at Abingdon School: jeremy.thomas@abingdon.org.uk or telephone 01235 849151.

We support science activities for the primary school age group in several ways: 

  • Bespoke workshops in our dedicated Partnership Laboratory where pupils can experience facilities and resources not usually available in primary schools – and wear lab coats! We can offer standard workshops on a number of KS1/KS2 Science Topics but we can accommodate most requests. Examples of our popular workshops include:
    • Chemical reactions
    • Animal adaptations
    • The science of The Iron Man
    • Forces and spaceflight
    • Evolution and inheritance
    • Exploring space
    • Plants and photosynthesis
  • Visits to your school for classes or larger groups. Several of the workshops listed above can be adapted for travel, but we can also deliver curriculum specific sessions such as Light and Shadow and Electric Circuits.
  • British Science Association CREST Star Science Investigator award programmes. We offer this to a small number of mainly KS1 classes in the immediate area but we can offer CPD, advice and resources to help teachers run this scheme in their own schools. See the CREST Awards website.
  • Equipment loans for topics such as the human skeleton, fossils, electric circuits and others.
  • After school Clubs and Masterclasses in the ASP Partnership Laboratory.
  • Partnering your school science club or project with a sixth form Science Ambassador from one of the secondary schools in Abingdon. 

For more information please contact jeremy.thomas@abingdon.org.uk

The Abingdon Science Partnership works collaboratively with local secondary schools as well as providing resources and events to inspire local, young people to engage in science and to study science subjects at the highest levels. The secondary programme is constantly developing, but regular events and activities include the following:

  • Annual Masterclasses in Biology, Chemistry and Physics aimed at extending the knowledge and skills of secondary pupils to a higher level.
  • Hosting workshops for organisations such as the National Space Academy and Isaac Physics.
  • Offering a GCSE course in Astronomy, open to pupils from any school in the Abingdon area.
  • Arranging the loan of apparatus and use of a our dedicated Partnership Laboratory by other schools and groups.
  • Co-ordinating the local, Abingdon hubs of the Young Scientists Journal and the Institute for Research in Schools.
  • Encouraging a local network of pupil Science Ambassadors to work with younger children in primary schools and science clubs.
  • Organising inspiring talks and presentations for secondary pupils.

For more information please contact jeremy.thomas@abingdon.org.uk.

The ASP has supported science activities for a wide variety of community groups, particularly helping Scout and Guide groups of all ages with Science or Astronomy badges, but also working with adult organisations such as the Abingdon ATOM Society and the Oxford Geology Group.

Scout and Guide Science Badges can be completed in one or two evening visits and the laboratory can also be used for investigations and experiments to help with other awards and projects. A great example of this was when 30th Abingdon Beavers used the lab to help with their Million Hands project, described here

Organisations such as the Abingdon ATOM Society and Science Oxford have used the ASP Lab for adult science evenings, such as ‘Back to School Science’ and ‘Gunge for Grown Ups’. The Abingdon Science Partnership is an official sponsor of the Abingdon ATOM Festival of Science and Technology, hosting and helping to run many of the events during the annual Festival in March.

For more information or to discuss use of the ASP lab please contact jeremy.thomas@abingdon.org.uk.

The ASP Lab provides an ideal venue, within Abingdon School’s Yang Science Centre (YSC), where hands on CPD courses can be run in a well equipped and supported school, science laboratory. The YSC also has spacious breakout areas for small group discussions and where catering can be provided through the school’s appointed catering organisation. CPD courses have been hosted regularly for organisations such as The Ogden Trust Primary Science Clusters and Oxfordshire Science Learning Partnership.

ASP staff have developed a great deal of expertise in running science clubs, outreach workshops and in delivering the British Science Association CREST Star Science Investigator awards. This expertise can be shared with other schools, either by individual discussion or ASP CPD events for larger groups.

The ASP Co-ordinator at Abingdon School, Jeremy Thomas, currently acts as co-ordinator for the Ogden Trust Abingdon Primary Science Partnership and chairs the Science Co-ordinators’ Group of the Abingdon Partnership for Schools.

For more information please contact jeremy.thomas@abingdon.org.uk or Sarah Twinn, Partnership Co-ordinator, Abingdon Partnership for Schools twinn.s@caldecott.oxon.sch.uk.

ASP works with a number of larger, science education and outreach organisations both locally and nationally. The ASP hosts the official Abingdon Hubs for both the Young Scientists Journal and the Institute for Research in Schools, both of which are open to any secondary age pupil in the Abingdon district.

ASP plays a large part in organising and providing events and venues for the annual Abingdon ATOM Festival of Science and Technology which takes place in the town in March of each year.

ASP is the lead organisation in the Ogden Trust Abingdon Primary Science Partnership, which consists currently of Fitzharrys School, St Edmund’s RC Primary, Caldecott Primary, Thomas Reade Primary, Long Furlong Primary and Benson CofE Primary:

ASP runs the Abingdon sessions of Science Oxford’s extremely popular Saturday Science Clubs for younger children. Details of Science Oxford events can be found here.

ASP has also worked closely with, hosted workshops for or organised educational visits with the following organisations: