Abingdon Science Partnership

The Abingdon Science Partnership is an organisation based at (and generously supported by) Abingdon School. The aim of the Partnership is to widen access to science and to broaden participation in science across all stages of education and for the general public.

We aim to accomplish these goals by providing and/or facilitating a variety of services to increase engagement in science:

  • We run the British Science Association CREST Star Award programme for a number of primary and preparatory schools, exposing the youngest learners to investigative science;
  • We run a series of GCSE Science ‘Masterclasses’ for year 10 and year 11 students to  challenge the most able and encourage them to take up science at A Level;
  • We organise and facilitate a number of continuing professional development events for primary and secondary science teachers and technicians;
  • We organise and facilitate community science events, including lectures and hands-on activities.