7 Jul 2017


This week's mailing is:




As you will be aware the School is not printing a hard-copy calendar so parents should refer to the online calendar which is kept regularly up to date. Any amendments to Michaelmas Term 2017 events made after today will be indicated clearly. Parents may wish to consult the online calendar and the term dates page now to remind themselves of the beginnings and ends of each half-term.

Website update over the summer

During the summer holiday we will be updating the school website to improve the navigation and reduce the number of clicks needed to get to information. The main changes that affect parents will be:

  • The weekly mailing and parent log-in will move to a new “Information” tab under the​ sub-heading Parent Information. The parent log-in will also be in the footer.
  • The school calendar, term and key dates will all move to the new  “Information” tab under the sub-heading Calendar. 
  • Fixtures, results and match arrangements will move to “Other Half” under the sub-heading Sports.
  • ​Contact details will be under ​the Information tab​

We will repeat this message again in the first weekly mailing of next term.

Summer Reading Challenges – for all parents

The Library and the English Department has compiled a new list of summer reading recommendations for boys at all levels of the school. Many boys will have had a chance to discuss summer reading in their English lessons but we feel it's useful for you to see the lists too. The list attached includes thought-provoking and enjoyable books that we believe the boys will enjoy. To motivate them, we also include a selection of challenges and a template to use to complete them. Ideas for books for future lists and any feedback is always most welcome: please contact: Joanna Bridgeworth or Emma Williamson.

We have also set a separate, more specific, challenge for boys going into the second year (a genre challenge) so there is a further list for them here.  Parents often ask us about the importance of reading and for advice on how to encourage their sons to read. To this end, we have produced some guidance which can be found here.

Bagpipes and bassoons, harps and horns

We are delighted to announce that we have vacancies for young players in a number of instruments. We are keen to recruit in the areas above, particularly in bagpipes and harp – yes, we have an excellent harp teacher starting at Abingdon in September.
Young pianists are always at a slight advantage in starting these noble instruments, as the reading of music is going to be straightforward – but no-one should be deterred from starting them. We will be delighted to advise on instruments and, by way of incentive, we offer free hire of bassoons, horns and harps for the first year. Please contact the director of music to express interest, [email protected].

Orchestra and Big Band Tour to Japan and Hong Kong

A reminder to parents, please, to state their initial interest to the Music Department's invitation to do so a short while ago. The current tally is just under 50, so we are already looking pretty quorate.

Tennis Coaching

Tennis coaching will take place on the school courts throughout the Michaelmas and Lent terms at the following times. If your son would like to take lessons then he will need to sign up through the Other Half choices system in September with his tutor. An amount of £7.50 will be added to the school bill for every (paid) session they attend. The expectation is that every session is attended during the term. In extreme circumstances, contact Mr Ponniah to inform of any absences.

  • Mon 12.10 – 13.10 – Lower School, 2pm – 2:50 – 4th Year, 4 – 5pm – 3rd Year 
  • Tues 12.30 – 1.30 – 6th Form, 1.30 – 2.20 – 5th Year, 4 – 5pm – 4th Year 
  • Wed 2.45 – 4pm – All years (Tennis) – no cost
  • Thurs 12.15 – 1.15 – Lower School (Tennis) – no cost, 1.15 – 2pm – 5th Year – no cost, 3.50 – 5pm – 3rd Year 
  • Fri 1.20 – 2.15 – 4th Year, 4.05 – 5pm – All years (Tennis 1st VIII squad) – no cost (invitation only)
  • Sat 9 – 11am 
The Summer Term in pictures

If you have a few minutes to spare you may want to take a look at the summer term in pictures.

Second Hand Uniform Shop

Please view the Michaelmas Term Opening Times for the Second Hand Uniform Shop.

Next Weekly Mailing

The next Weekly Mailing will be on Friday 1 September.  We look forward to school beginning for all boys on Tuesday 5 September. Best wishes for the holiday.