12 Sep 2014


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Food Menu for the coming week

At School Council's request I am including an item about next week's food menu.  Next week will be week 3. 

Bus Time Adjustments

As I am sure you are all aware, there are extensive traffic problems at the moment in Oxfordshire. We are trying very hard to ensure that the start of the school day is not adversely affected. In order to try to achieve this we are looking at adjusting routes, and the pick up times on some of the bus routes. Please can you bear with us, and be extra vigilant about checking for alerts from the Joint Bus Service in case of alterations to your son's travel arrangements.

Medical Matters

Please can parents keep the Health Centre updated of any changes to your son's health so that we can update our records accordingly.

Asthma: all boys with asthma must carry their inhaler with them at school.  We will hold a spare inhaler in the Health Centre for boys in case of an emergency.  If you wish to send a spare inhaler please ensure it is labelled with their names and in date.