6 May 2016


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Third Year PSHCE lessons

Wednesday 18 May sees the annual Sex and Relationship Education morning for boys in the Third Year. This year we have a visit from Loudmouth Theatre Company who will present their acclaimed project “Working for Marcus”. Sexual exploitation and sexual grooming are serious and important issues for schools to address. “Working for Marcus” has been used in schools to raise awareness of child sexual exploitation and to train professionals since 1998. Due to a recent rise in interest in this work and growing concerns about the issues from schools particularly in online safety, Loudmouth have updated this powerful programme to include new research into exploitation through social media, gangs and violence against women and girls. The new version builds on the detailed research and consultation of the original to help young people to gain a deeper understanding of the grooming process and potential risks

In addition, pupils will take part in a series of workshops will take place covering topics such as young men's health, relationships, STIs and contraception. If you have any queries or would like to discuss anything regarding this, please contact Mr Ben Phillips, Head of PSHCE.

Leavers' Day and Prize Giving: Saturday 25 June

Parents of all leavers and prize winners are invited to the Prize Giving at 11.00am and the reception afterwards. Boys in the Lower School, Middle School and Lower Sixth are not expected in School for these events unless they are prize winners. Prize Giving is preceded by the Leavers' Service in St Michael's Church, Park Road at 9.30am. Parents are most welcome at this service, which is optional for the leavers. Further details for those wishing to come to Prize Giving will be sent out via this mailing after half term.

Michaelmas Term 2016 start

These arrangements can all be viewed on the website. However the key dates are below:

New boarders arrive – Sunday 4 September
First Year induction and induction for Sixth Form boarders – Monday 5 September
Boarders return – Monday 5 September
Term begins – Tuesday 6 September

Food Menu for the coming weekWeek 1