23 Jun 2017


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Term Dates for 2018/19 & Key Dates 2017/18 

Term dates for 2018/19 key dates for 2017/18 have now been published. 

Music notices
Friday 30 June A Summer Evening of Light Music – 7pm, Amey Theatre

A final reminder about the final music event of the year next week.  We bring the boys back for one final performance of the school year, involving all the senior bands and orchestras. Please do join us for some toe-tapping melodies from theatre, film and from the dance floor!
For those parents of musicians, we are providing supper for all the boys (including 5ths and Upper Sixth). This will be charged to accounts (please contact the secretary if not required).  Dress will be white open-neck shirts, black/charcoal trousers and black shoes. The rehearsal schedule is as follows:

3.30pm    Abingdon Academicals
4.00pm    Second Orchestra
4.30pm    Symphonic Wind Band
5.00pm    First Orchestra
5.30pm    Big Band
5.50pm    Brass Band

Tickets are available online from the following link.

The Truths and Myths Behind Often Misunderstood Careers: 28 June 2017 – Meal Planning

As this event begins promptly at 6:00pm, pupils staying on the school site after hours (i.e. not going home for an evening meal first) are advised either (1) to bring a packed meal with them to school that morning, something which they can safely store during the day or (2) to bring some pocket money and go into town from 5pm (after P8) to buy something to eat.  Please ensure plans are made for pupils to eat before the start of the event.

Food menu for the coming week: Week 1