13 Oct 2017


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Reports: First cycle of the year

For years 1-4 and L6th, this report is designed to give a quick snapshot about how things have been going over the first few weeks of term and will comprise grades from subject teachers along with overall communication from Tutor and Housemaster. Years 5 and U6th will have a fuller report this session, balanced by a shorter report at the end of term. Abingdon's grading system for subject reports remains unchanged and an explanation of how grades are awarded is given on the report.  All of the grades get turned into two average Effort and Achievement percentages which are also listed on the report; these offer an instant view of how a particular boy is getting on. As a rule of thumb, percentages in the 60-70% range indicate that things are going well, percentages reaching 80% and above mean that things are going extremely well indeed and percentages dropping into the 50s and below indicate that some things may be going awry. We do not report on Other Half or instrumental lessons in this session; those reports come at the end of term. Parents may like to note that, as well as the Tutor and Housemaster comment they can see on the reports, all the reports in a year group will have been read by a senior member of staff before they are sent out. This allows the senior team to keep in touch with trends and concerns across the school. Parental feedback on reports is welcomed – in the first place you should contact the relevant Housemaster.

For Parents of 5th Year Pupils: Work Experience Scheme – IMPORTANT INFORMATION

Please read about the 5th Year Work Experience Scheme here and how you can support your son as he seeks to secure a placement for summer 2018.

For Parents of 5th Year Pupils: COA Career Matching Preview Programme Interviews

If your son is participating in the COA Preview Career Matching Programme, he will have received earlier this week an email with the date, time, and location of his interview with an independent career adviser from COA. This interview will be either on Tuesday 31 October or Wednesday 1 November. Thank you for ensuring he has put this appointment in his planner/diary and that he sets aside some time in mid-November to go over his COA Preview report with you and to do some further career research in order to inform his tentative A-Level subject choices from a career planning perspective.

3rd Year Bring Your Own Device

We would like to remind Third Year parents and students that a laptop-style device will be required for use in and out of the classroom upon return from half term.  We expect that many boys will already have an appropriate device that they will be able to put on our school WiFi. We have prepared a Q&A document that we feel covers the majority of questions, and Mr Whitworth is happy to answer any further ones you may have via email: [email protected].

Family Music Quiz Night with Quizmaster, the Headmaster, Friday 10 November, 7pm, CMR, Abingdon School

The whole family is invited to a fun and sociable Quiz Night and Greek inspired 3 course meal; a cash bar will be available.  It's a great opportunity for  parents and the boys to socialise whilst enjoying a relaxed evening to end a busy week.    The School Music Society is organising the evening, but don't worry you need not be a music scholar to join in!  Questions will be far ranging from the downright silly to the more erudite, and there may even be a few musical ones!  We have a star Quiz Master – Michael Windsor, so please put this date in your diary now.

  • Tickets are £15 for adults and £12 for children.
  • Reductions for families 
  • Booking  available through the School Box Office; the link is here

Need further information?  No problem, please e-mail Gillian Powter from ASMS

School Uniform

Half term is a good opportunity for parents and boys to check that School Uniform fits, and purchase any larger items if necessary, as well as getting ready for colder weather.  School Uniform, Sports Kit lists and the Dress Code for all years are on one website page: School Uniform.  Boys are expected to have their shirt top buttons done up.  Dates of opening of the Second Hand Uniform Shop are on their usual page, together with details of how to sell your second hand uniform.  Many thanks to all involved in SUS, as the boys benefit from money raised which is donated to the School.

Survey reminder

Parents should have received an email from the Headmaster on Wednesday 27 September requesting their participation in a confidential survey on fees.  A reminder of that email can be found here.  Please note the 4 digit code you need to access the survey is 9830 and the survey closes on Sunday 22 October.  Thank you in advance for your help in this important survey.

The Cunning Little Vixen – A Talk and Screening by Geoff Dunbar – Wednesday 1 November at 7pm

BAFTA award winning animator and director Geoff Dunbar presents a very special screening of The Cunning Little Vixen, a visually stunning feature length film based on the opera by Leoš Janáček. Geoff explores the complexities and delights of the world of animation, followed by a screening of the film in the Amey Theatre auditorium.

The Big Band Charity Concert – Friday 3 November at 7.30pm

Come and enjoy an array of jazz talent as well as contributing to the funds of The Abingdon Bridge – a charity supporting local young people as they manage their challenging lives.  The concert will start with the Abingdon School Big Band, under the direction of Simon Currie and featuring special guests, including Tom Richards (OA). Tom is the musical director and saxophonist for Jamie Cullum. Other arranger and saxophonist credits include Gary Barlow, Tim Minchin and Joe Stilgoe.  After the interval the concert will feature Joe Stilgoe, internationally acclaimed singer, pianist and song writer.  Whatever your taste in jazz music you will be enthralled by the line up for this charity concert.  Tickets are £10 with all proceeds going to support The Abingdon Bridge.

Food Menu for week beginning Monday 30 October – Week 1