5 April 2017

Two boats of Abingdon sailors recently crossed the English Channel navigating from Gosport in the Solent across to Cherbourg and back. On the first night the boats travelled to Studland Bay where they anchored for the night in preparation for the crossing – leaving early the following morning. As the sun rose early on Saturday both boats departed their anchorage embarking on the 13-hour crossing. Ideal weather and good visibility made the navigation straightforward however rolling waves led to tough conditions for conquering seasickness. The boats then spent the following day in Cherbourg, sampling the sights of France including visiting the Cite de la Mer Maritime museum and boarding the largest submarine in the world open to the public. At the crack of dawn on the following morning, the marina was left and the return crossing embarked upon, arriving in Lymington late that night in difficult foggy conditions. A sunny last day then ensued, giving an enjoyable journey for all back to Gosport. 

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