The library policy outlines the broad principles and guidelines on which the library service at Abingdon functions. The policy sits within the context of the wider policies of the school and the Aims of the Abingdon Foundation.


The policy of the library is to:

  • Provide facilities that support and encourage reading for pleasure, collaborative research and private study
  • Provide information resources that support classroom teaching and enable and encourage students to become independent learners
  • Help students read for pleasure by providing appropriate reading material and supporting and encouraging their reading development
  • Consult with and support teaching staff on the selection of information resources appropriate to their teaching and learning objectives
  • Where appropriate and practicable, consult students on the selection of resources to meet their needs
  • Help students develop the skills, knowledge and mindset necessary to become information literate
  • Work closely with teaching staff on the design and implementation of programmes and initiatives for promoting independent learning, particularly information literacy
  • Promote the resources of the library service to staff and students through any and all effective means
  • Be aware of, contribute to and, where appropriate, implement innovations in good practice
  • Support the work of the Director of Teaching and Learning, in particular by helping to design, select and provide resources, services and facilities to support teaching and learning practice
  • Provide structured training and activities for students wishing to contribute to the running of library facilities via the Other Half programme
  • Encourage reading, use of information resources and development of skills that help students that help students enlarge their intellectual boundaries
  • Provide a safe, comfortable and welcoming environment for all library users
  • Promote a spirit of free enquiry