A full-time librarian and two assistant librarians work closely with subject teachers to ensure that the library service meet student needs and that students can make the most of the extensive resources that are available to them.

The librarian, Dr Gardner, whose background includes academic research as well as children’s literature, encourages all students to read deeply and widely and advises students on the skills they need to negotiate and thrive in an information-rich world.

All students visit the library with subject teachers to make use of its resources, while the librarian also goes into classes to teach subject-specific information skills at the point of use.

Lower School students benefit from regular Reading and Research Classes in which Dr Gardner teaches key information skills and introduces students to a wide range of literature.

In subsequent years, students receive guidance and training tailored to particular subjects, topics and assignments, and the librarian provides one-to-one guidance and research clinics as required.

The librarian teaches the research component of the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), which enables Sixth Form students to pursue an independent project of their choice involving a high degree of planning, preparation, research and autonomous working.