25 April 2018

The second years heard from visiting speaker Andy Ibbott in their “Be the best you can be” lesson today. Andy was the boss of California Superbike School working with top riders including multiple World Champion Valentino Rossi when Andy suffered a massive stroke in 2011 during an operation on his throat. Unable to speak or move his entire right-hand side, Andy was told he might never walk again.

Andy told the story of how he beat the odds, gradually improving his speech and building up his strength to the point where he took on the challenge of competing in the Marathon des Sables in the Sahara desert. He has also been featured in the BBC programme Employable Me, highlighting the challenges faced by people with disabilities when they try to get back in to the workplace. 

Andy's determination to succeed and resilience in the face of adversity made him an inspiring example for the boys.

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