The Headmaster

Welcome to Abingdon.

Although our school benefits from long traditions of scholarship and learning, we also embrace innovation and fresh thinking. The pupils here are remarkable young people with exciting futures. We encourage them to think for themselves and to develop a spirit of independence that will allow them to thrive in a rapidly changing world. Our collective lives are shaped by a culture of challenge and enterprise, where pupils are encouraged to embrace their aspirations and to make the very most of their talents and abilities.

Academic standards are very high but a commitment to pupils’ wider personal development is a touchstone of our approach to education. Indeed, Abingdon is renowned for ‘the Other Half’, the vast array of co-curricular activities which make up an important part of every day at our school.

Abingdon’s success is rooted in its enthusiastic and expert staff who are wholly committed to passing on a love of their subject. Relationships between staff and pupils are close and supportive and indeed the culture of the school as a whole is one of consideration and kindness. Although educating young people is a great responsibility that we take very seriously, we never forget that a school should also be a place of laughter and fun and we encourage pupils to maintain a healthy sense of perspective. We are specialists in boys’ education and endeavour to produce open-minded, confident and well-rounded young men.

I hope that you enjoy learning more about Abingdon but nothing can replace the experience of seeing the place with your own eyes and getting a feel for the very special atmosphere here, so I hope too that we will be able to welcome you to our school soon.

Michael Windsor