The Library

The two libraries at Abingdon, located in the oldest part of the school, are integral to school life. A collection of more than 18,000 books, 500 DVDs and an extensive array of online resources support the academic curriculum, reading for pleasure and independent learning for both students and staff.

Students are welcome to make use of the libraries before and after school and during morning break and lunch. Students also visit the libraries regularly with subject teachers to make use of its resources. A full-time librarian and two assistant librarians work closely with teaching staff to ensure that library resources meet student needs. They also guide and train students who choose library service as an Other Half activity.

To help them make best use of the extensive information resources available at Abingdon, all students are taught skills in information literacy, focusing on how to identify their information needs, search for information effectively and safely, evaluate the information they find and utilise it appropriately. The librarian works closely with the Director of Teaching and Learning to support the aims and objectives of teaching and learning at Abingdon.

Library Facilities

The Hooke Library: All students benefit from use of The Hooke Library, also known as Lower Library, which houses a large collection of fiction and nonfiction tailored to the interests and reading level of older children and young teenagers, along with popular magazines and local and national newspapers. The Hooke Library also houses a suite of 24 desktop computers networked to a high-speed laser printer-copier-scanner that allows wireless printing from laptops and tablets.

The Grundy Library: From Middle School, students can take advantage of The Grundy Library, also known as Upper Library, which houses printed resources tailored to their needs and an environment conducive to private study. The Grundy Library is particularly popular amongst sixth formers.

Online resources: To help support teaching and learning, the library provides a diverse array of online resources, including the Encyclopaedia Britannica, Oxford Reference Guides, Digital Theatre, databases for Science, History and English, and guidance on effective research. Online resources are available 24/7 whether students are at school or at home.