28 November 2018

Saturday marked the beginning of the selling session for the Young Enterprise teams. The events at SHSK and Abingdon Prep were busy with many potential customers looking for presents for Christmas.

Team “Paix” did extremely will with a range of Christmas items including tree decorations and placements. By the end of the day the team had sold most stock and go into the next event with a good profit.

Team “Water works” over came a slight stock short fall by taking advanced orders for their colourful, collapsible water bottles. They also provide each customer with the ability to track their order on line. They are looking to build upon this initial success and widen the product range further.

Team “Bamboozle” offered a range of passive mobile phone amplifiers, with a strong sustainability message. The sales were so successful that they were making further products to order during the event, including tailoring each to the actual mobile phone.

All the boys concerned made a huge effort to get their products ready for market and on the day were polite, engaging and proactive in maximising their sales. A lot has been learned from this initial experience and we would like to thank the SHSK'sParents Association and Abingdon Prep for providing a great opportunity for the teams. 

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