20 March 2019

Saturday saw the Abingdon Young Enterprise trade fair in the town’s market place. Three teams were representing the school on an already busy weekend for school sport and DofE. Conditions were certainly breezy but a big improvement on last year’s event which was cancelled due to the snow and ice.

Team Aqualapse managed to sell all their stock and had a very promising line of enquiry from a local coffee shop who thought that one of the colours of their collapsing coffee cup would complement their business.

Team Waterworks sold a considerable amount of stock and took a number of advanced orders, all recorded on the teams order tracking software.

Team Bamboozle built on previous success and again made steady sales throughout the day. A special mention should be given to Alex Long who looked after the stall for most for the morning.

Overall the event was busy with plenty of footfall on quite a stormy day, the presence of the fire engine no doubt helped draw people in as well as the quality of the items on sale.

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