6 February 2018

Forty four boys from Year 5 at Abingdon Prep School visited the Abingdon Science Partnership Lab in the Yang Science Centre for a lab skills day. Staff from both schools worked together to plan this event following the Abingdon Foundation INSET Day back in September. The two Year 5 classes were able to experience two different workshops during the day, one on separating mixtures and the other on preparing microscope samples. This gave the boys experience of a wide range of lab skills involving handling apparatus appropriately, making measurements and, of course, lighting a Bunsen burner! The senior school staff were very impressed by the level of engagement and safe behaviour of the Abingdon Prep boys. This is just one example of ways in which science staff at both schools have been working together, another being the ongoing programme of British Science Association CREST awards, with all Year 2 boys gaining the CREST Star Science Investigator Award each year, led by Science Partnership Co-ordinator Jeremy Thomas and Prep School teacher Suzanne Skelton.

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