7 March 2022

Marking World Book Day 2022 with stories of time travel and intelligent goo

Around 200 students from Larkmead, Fitzharrys and Our Lady’s Abingdon joined our Lower School students in marking World Book Day 2022 with a visit from bestselling author Alex Scarrow, author of the epic TimeRiders sequence and the terrifying Remade trilogy. In a hugely entertaining session, Alex told the story of how he turned his complete failure as a video games designer into a career as a successful writer. While none of his designs ever became actual video games, they helped inspire TimeRiders, a nine-book sequence in which teenagers battle dark forces trying to change the course of human history – for the worst. Alex followed this epic series with the Remade trilogy, in which an alien virus lands on earth and within three weeks reduces most of the world’s population to biological goo – which then becomes a life force with bold ambitions for the future of the planet. Alex warned that Remade should not be read before a meal – a warning born out by a number of graphic illustrations, the sight of which prompted many members of the audience to emit groans of delighted disgust. Record numbers of students were inspired to buy signed copies of the books, and library copies are leaving the shelves at speed!

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