3 Oct 2014


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Our first reporting cycle has begun and parents of boys in all year groups should be receiving written reports on their son via the parent portal as half term begins. For years 1-4 and L6th, this report is designed to give a quick snapshot about how things have been going over the first few weeks of term and will comprise grades from subject teachers along with overall communication from Tutor and Housemaster. Years 5 and U6th will have a fuller report this session, balanced by a shorter report at the end of term. Abingdon's grading system for subject reports remains unchanged and a full explanation of how grades are awarded is given on the report.  All of the grades get turned into two average Effort and Achievement percentages which are also listed on the report; these offer an instant view of how a particular boy is getting on. As a rule of thumb, percentages in the 60-70% range indicate that things are going well, percentages reaching 80% and above mean that things are going extremely well indeed and percentages dropping into the 50s and below indicate that some things may be going awry. We do not report on Other Half or instrumental lessons in this session; those reports come at the end of term. Parents may like to note that, as well as the Tutor and Housemaster comment they can see on the reports, all the reports in a year group will have been read by a senior member of staff before they are sent out. This allows the senior team to keep in touch with trends and concerns across the school. Parental feedback on reports is welcomed – in the first place you should contact your son's Housemaster.

Abingdon Michaelmas Fair: Monday 6 & Tuesday 7 October and Abingdon Runaway Fair: Monday 14 October – Reminder

Parents should expect that traffic flow in Abingdon will be severely disrupted by the Abingdon Fairs. On Monday 6 and Tuesday 7 October vehicle entry to Park Road and Park Crescent will only be via the gate on Faringdon Road (along from the Coach Park). When leaving the park through the gate into Faringdon Road, please, when queuing, leave the gate clear for incoming traffic.

Food Menu for the coming week

At School Council's request I am including an item about next week's food menu. Next week will be week 3 of the menus

Information for parents

Parents are reminded that School Policies are available on the school website. They are under the “Administration” menu. They are reviewed and updated from time to time.