29 Apr 2016


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5th Year Clinics and Supervised Study

5th Year go on study leave today and are not expected back into school this term except to sit their exams. As mentioned at the 5th year parents' evening last term, we offer a programme of subject clinics and supervised silent study for the first four weeks of study leave (up to half term). 5th year boys have been individually issued with the programme by email and it is also available on our website under Calendar & Events> Exam Timetables. The programme is entirely voluntary and boys should use it according to how they feel it might support their revision.

St Helen and St Katharine are hosting an upcoming event on behalf of St Helen’s Church – Rise Heart: Poetry and Conversation with Dr Rowan Williams, Saturday 21 May

Poetry and preaching by the Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge and former Archbishop of Canterbury, a chance to hear from a man of great intellect and wisdom! Secure your tickets online.

Abingdon Box Office

Sleuth – Thursday & Friday, 5 & 6 May at 7pm – Unfortunately this two-man student-led production has been CANCELLED due to unforseen circumstances.  Those who have already bought tickets will be contacted individually.

Driving along Park Road and Park Crescent: 20mph

Parents are asked to adhere to the speed limit along these private roads.

Food Menu for the coming week – Week 3