26 Jun 2015


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Henley Royal Regatta – Friday 3 July 2015

Parents are invited to join the OA Club for strawberries and Pimm's at the Friends of Abingdon School Boat Club tent in Henley Cricket Club car park during the afternoon tea break (usually between 4.00 pm and 5.00 pm. No RSVP required.

Parties, boundaries and temptations

We are very aware that the summer is inevitably a period when boys can come of age. It is important each year that they grow up, learn to take responsibility, and have experiences that will nudge them ever closer to adulthood. The difficulty for us all is that they can sometimes make poor judgement calls. Teenagers, boys in particular, are hard-wired to take risks. While acknowledging that it is important to give boys the space to mature, it is equally important to reiterate the standards that are expected of them, and to establish boundaries. I am sure that we can all remember pushing against these boundaries when we were teenagers, but they are even more important now: a wild party in our youth might have involved cider and a cigarette, now there will be drugs routinely passed around at parties attended by 14 and 15 year olds. To this end I am resending our Pastoral Advice for Parents document. I would urge you to go through this with your sons and to establish your ground rules for the summer. If possible, try to discuss these with the parents of your son's friendship group so that there is a co-ordinated, collaborative approach. Finally, our policies are available on our website. It might be worth reminding your son that a number of these apply at all times, which includes the holidays whether at Reading Festival or at a beach party.

Waste Court to be renamed Austin House

From September 2015, Waste Court which is currently the home for Davies’ House, will be known as Austin House and the housemaster will be James Golding. Further information.

Food Menu for the coming week – Week 2