16 Oct 2015


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Half Term Reports

Reports will be posted to the parent portal and sent by email by the end of Saturday 17 October. For most year groups this report comprises a set of subject grades along with comments from housemasters and tutors (i.e. no subject comments); longer reports will come at the end of term. 5th and U6th have longer reports this session (i.e. with subject comments) balanced by a shorter report at the end of term. Abingdon's reporting policy is on our website in the policies section. All new Abingdon parents should have recently received an email notification of their portal logon details. Parents are reminded that problems with electronic reporting (e.g. accessing the portal) should be directed to [email protected].

Fifth Year Work Experience Scheme 2016

Your son recently had a briefing outlining the 2016 Work Experience Scheme and will have received a copy of the School’s work experience form relating to this scheme via their tutor. The briefing outlined that it is the responsibility of the pupil to identify a potential placement and advise this to the School via the form. Forms, outlining the details and dates of the proposed placement, need only to be signed by the pupil and parent (not the employer) and should be handed in at the Masters' Common Room. The deadline for providing completed forms to Mr Litchfield is Friday 29 April 2016. The School will then arrange for a risk assessment to be carried out and final confirmation of the placement with the employer. The placement should be after the GCSE exams have finished and can be at any time during the school term or holiday time. Boys are responsible for ensuring that the placement does not clash with their summer examinations once the timetable is published. The last exam dates, on the draft timetable from the exam board, are: Friday 17 June: Physics and double award Science; Monday 20 June: classical civilisation; Thursday 23 June: Russian.

A copy of the presentation, a guide outlining the scheme, and replacement forms can be found on the School’s Careers website, to which all boys have access. Any questions regarding placements can be sent to Mr Litchfield [email protected].

Music Scholars & Soloists Concert – Friday 6 November, 6pm, CMR

Parents are warmly invited to come and hear a group of Music Scholars and senior musicians in solo performances. Admission is free. 

Rossini: Petite Messe Solennelle (Joint Choral Society) – Sunday 29 November 7pm, Amey Theatre

Tickets are available online or at the door for our Choral Society Concert involving pupils, parents and staff from Abingdon and St. Helen’s and which, this term is directed by Michael Stinton Director of Music, Abingdon School. Do come and join us!  

Food Menu for week beginning Monday 2 November – Week 1