14 Oct 2016


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Letter from the Headmaster (PDF)



Reports: Parent Portal

Owing to a change in database this year, we are issuing new guidance to parents on how to access reports.  If you are someone who should be receiving a report on a boy or boys in the School then you should have been issued with the new Parent Portal access arrangements earlier in this week by our ICT department.  If you have not received those details and feel you should have done then you should contact ICT on [email protected].  We will no longer be issuing reports via email.  Over time we will be putting more information on the Portal; as it is, besides reports, you should already be able to see timetables and activities lists there.  We expect the first round of reports to be available on the Portal over the weekend

Reports: First cycle of the year

For years 1-4 and L6th, this report is designed to give a quick snapshot about how things have been going over the first few weeks of term and will comprise grades from subject teachers along with overall communication from Tutor and Housemaster. Years 5 and U6th will have a fuller report this session, balanced by a shorter report at the end of term. Abingdon's grading system for subject reports remains unchanged and an explanation of how grades are awarded is given on the report.  All of the grades get turned into two average Effort and Achievement percentages which are also listed on the report; these offer an instant view of how a particular boy is getting on. As a rule of thumb, percentages in the 60-70% range indicate that things are going well, percentages reaching 80% and above mean that things are going extremely well indeed and percentages dropping into the 50s and below indicate that some things may be going awry. We do not report on Other Half or instrumental lessons in this session; those reports come at the end of term. Parents may like to note that, as well as the Tutor and Housemaster comment they can see on the reports, all the reports in a year group will have been read by a senior member of staff before they are sent out. This allows the senior team to keep in touch with trends and concerns across the school. Parental feedback on reports is welcomed – in the first place you should contact the relevant Housemaster.

6th Form Careers Evening with the OA Club

The Old Abingdonian Club, Abingdon School’s alumni association, will host a 6th Form Careers Evening on Friday 18 November 2016 during which OAs at early or middle stages in their career will be at Abingdon to share with 6th Form pupils what they have learned since leaving Abingdon, including insights into their current job and choices they made during their career journey to date. The event helps to inform pupils of options to pursue after leaving Abingdon, as well as gives them insights that might influence longer-term career planning. Please encourage your son to attend once he receives his invitation from the OA Club during October half-term break.

Music Events – Dates for your diary soon after Half term

Friday 4 November Music Scholars' and Senior Musicians' Concert No 2 – CMR, 6pm, Admission is free – come and hear some of our finest musicians in solo performance!

Wednesday 9 November Tewkesbury Abbey Chapel Choir sing Evensong – All parents are welcome to come to Tewkesbury – Evensong starts at 5.30pm

Thursday 10 November Senior Instrumental Solo Competition – CMR, 6pm – A dozen or so of our post grade 8 musicians will be battling it out in front of an independent adjudicator to win the coveted prize won last year by Leon Wu.

ADVANCE NOTICE – of interest to both Musicians and Mathematicians….

Friday 25 November – Amey Theatre and CMR, starting at 7pm, Music, Maths and Mozart's Jupiter Symphony – Lecture Recital with Anthony Kerr-Dinnen and First Orchestra, followed by a curry fork supper arranged by ASMS, the Abingdon School Music Society. This fascinating event will involve an engaging musician, together with our first orchestra, playing on stage. The full title is “The Influence of Prime Numbers and the Golden Ratio on the structure of the Jupiter Symphony” 

FASBC – Quiz Night

The FASBC invite you to join them for their annual quiz and curry night in the Dining Hall at Abingdon School on Saturday 12 November. Arrival 7pm with the quiz starting at 7:30pm. This is a thoroughly enjoyable evening and includes a delicious curry supper. There is plenty of friendly rivalry between the various teams of parents, boys and coaches, with the coaches attempting this year to gain a fourth consecutive win! There is no need to make up teams unless you wish to, the committee will put you in year group teams of 6 – 8 people, so it is the perfect opportunity to meet other parents in your son's year group. Please book your tickets early to avoid disappointment. The FASBC very much look forward to welcoming you. 

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