13 Jun 2014


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Letter from the Head (PDF)



For Middle School parents: Sleep patterns and screen usage – from the Deputy Head Pastoral

I don't know how many of you are aware but there is very clear evidence that using screens before going to bed substantially impairs sleep patterns (please see below.) Furthermore, I think it would be naive not to recognise that allowing boys unsupervised access to the internet in their bedrooms is exposing them to a multitude of temptations, whether it be gaming, social networking, pornography, or anything else.

Given this, we would recommend that boys should not be allowed any electronic devices in their rooms after a certain time at night, I would suggest 10pm, but rather should leave all their devices downstairs, even if it means they need to buy an alarm clock! As an English teacher, I keep hoping that one by product might even be that the boys read a book before going to sleep.

If you have any questions about these issues do feel free to contact your son's tutor, housemaster or me ([email protected])

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