11 Nov 2016


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Drugs Talk – Tuesday 29 November at SHSK

On Tuesday 29 November 2016 at 7pm in the Science Atrium, SHSK are hosting a drugs talk by Barry Evans. Barry Evans is an ex-naval presenter whose main aims are to talk to young people and their parents about drugs and to encourage discussion between parents and their children. He will be talking about the effects of both legal and illegal drugs, as well as the law, peer pressure, making informed decisions and strategies for staying safe. 

SHSK have kindly extended the invitation to this talk to Abingdon parents as well. This is an area of concern for many, so please do sign up if you would like to attend.

Anti-Bullying week

Next week is the annual Anti-Bullying week. This year's theme is “Power for Good”. We will address this in Assemblies, Chapel, tutor periods and in PSHCE lessons. Please could you try to find the chance to raise it in discussion with your son as well, as one aim for this year is to encourage a 'talking school' where pupils are open to discussing these issues, whether they are the victim or whether it is someone that they know. A real issue that we try to address at School, that might be a starting point for a chat at home, is the age old issue of what to do if you are present if someone is being unpleasant. After the fact we want boys to feel able to raise their concerns with someone, but dealing with the situation there and then is never easy. Please stress how important it is to speak and act at the moment it is happening, as peer disapproval is crucial in establishing – and continuing – an anti-bullying culture.

Please also take the opportunity not only to reiterate the importance of being compassionate in our dealings with others, but also to highlight some of the groups of people who can be targeted.  At Abingdon we want to build a culture where difference is celebrated rather than being used as a means of picking on the outsider.  The points of difference could revolve around gender, sexuality, or it could be simply that the interests of that person are not stereotypical.  Please also feel free to visit the Anti-Bullying Alliance website.


Operatic Singing Masterclass – Thursday 17 November at 5pm – A final reminder about the exciting event next week when we hear opera singer, Richard Burkhard, a soloist at the Bolshoi Opera, singing to us and working with our senior singers in operatic extracts from Stravinsky, Britten and Mozart.
Mr Burkhard will be singing himself, extracts from The Magic Flute, Carmen and The Mikado.  Admission is free, thanks to our Music Society.

Box Office Production Tickets – Tickets for the Lower School production of Treasure Island, and the 3rd Year production of And Then There Weren't Any Left are now on sale!

Treasure Island – Jim Hawkins is a young boy who lives at his parents' inn, the Admiral Benbow in England, in the 18th Century. An old rum-drinking sea captain named Billy Bones suddenly dies in the inn and Jim is stirred into action, unlocking Billy's sea chest to discover a secret treasure map!  Join us for a highly physicalised performance, as the Lower School take to the stage in this new and exciting adaptation of Treasure Island.

And Then There Weren't Any Left – The Year Nine Drama Society Play by Tom Dawson, a new play written by OA Ed Rowett. – The year, 1933. The place, a deserted mansion, high on the Somerset Levels. Eight strangers come together to hear the will of a woman none of them have ever met. Or have they? And does the mysterious solicitor know more than he is letting on? And will any of them get out alive?!?!

Join the Third Year Drama Society as they attempt to overcome the obstacles – a collapsing set, missing cast-members, and a director on the verge of a nervous breakdown – to stage a brand new thriller the like of which the Amey Theatre has never seen before…or hopefully will ever see again.

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