10 May 2019


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Sixth Form Subject Choices

Many sets for next year’s lower sixth are now at levels that we would consider to be ‘full’. Any boy who wishes to apply for a change in his subject choice should contact the Curriculum Director, Oliver Lomax, as soon as possible by email. Although we will always do our best to be accommodating, we do have to stress that changes may not be possible at this stage in particular subjects and it is certainly the case that the earlier we receive a request the greater likelihood there is of us being able to satisfy it.


  • Wednesday 15 May at 6pm in the CMR – Solo Concert Platform No 5 – Parents and friends are welcome to join us for the first concert of the new term when we will see some of our pupils in solo performance. Admission is free.
  • Thursday 23 May at 7pm in the Amey Theatre – Summer Concert – Looking a little further ahead, our summer concert is just before half term this year, since the end of term is dominated by final preparations for our Japan/Hong Tour with a Pre-Tour Concert on Friday 28 June. All the main school ensembles will be playing – all three orchestras (First, Second and Chamber Orchestras) and three bands (Wind, Brass and Big Bands). There will also be some jazz ensembles, junior and senior. As usual, tickets are available on the school website by clicking here.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) for September 2019

Parents of the current 2nd Year and above are reminded of the school's BYOD scheme: all Middle and Upper School students are required to bring an appropriate device into lessons as part of their normal 'kit' from September 2019.  Their current school-owned Chromebook will be returned at the end of this term, and we recommend these devices as very suitable for a student owned device if they do not have one already.  There is an updated Q&A document available and if you have any questions please email Mr Ben Whitworth, Director of eLearning on [email protected]

Touchliners : Trip to HSBC International Rugby 7s London Finals Day : Sunday 26 May

The Touchliners are organising a trip to Twickenham to watch the finals of the HSBC International 7s on Sunday 26 May, and there are a few places still available.  We will also be arranging return coach transport from the school, with a drop-on and drop-off point at Reading.  The cost will be £30 for adults and £10 for children (aged 3-15).  If you are interested in joining us for this event, please email us on [email protected] before the end of the weekend.

Parking on Saturdays

Parents are asked to avoid parking across the cycle lanes on Faringdon Road by the coach park. Please use the main School car park on Park Road and walk to the relevant pitch, if there is not space in the coach park.

Book Collection

As previously advertised, the final deadline for 5th and U6th book returns will be Saturday 29 June.  Books not returned by that date will be charged to bills.  Many departments will already have made clear to the boys the occasions on which they can return books and it would be sensible for boys to plan to bring in any remaining loan texts on the day of their final public exam to save having to make a special trip.  Much unnecessary chasing and unwanted charging of extras to bills can be avoided by boys being properly organised.  It is often not possible to waive charges for books returned after the deadline as Heads of Department will spend part of the week of term ordering the necessary texts for the new school year.

ASPA, 3rd Year Parents Mexican Evening, Saturday 18 May

Book your space before the deadline on Monday 13 May at midday.  Tickets include welcome drink & a three course, fine dining Mexican style in the Dining Hall. £25 per person.

Amendment to Tennis Fixtures in the School Calendar

Unfortunately we have had to amend several of our tennis fixtures.  This is due to a number of schools informing us that they can no longer attend the proposed dates (although in the case of MCS it is to allow for a more efficient fixture).  For all schools, instead of playing several small fixtures we have arranged a series of tournaments which will allow us to play all fixtures on the same day.  Details of these tournaments are outlined below, as are the cancelled fixtures.  These new dates will be put on the school calendar ASAP.  I understand that having two fixtures on consecutive days isn't ideal.  We will look to do fast 4s (i.e first to 4 games rather than a full set) where appropriate.  *Please see below for new tournament dates and cancellations*

ROH Live: Within The Golden Hour / Medusa / Flight Pattern – 7.15pm, Thursday 16 May

News from the week:

Tennis New Tournament dates: 

  • Abingdon vs Matthew Arnold School Tournament
  • Date: Monday 3 June 
  • Location: Tilsley Park
  • Start time: 4pm
  • Approximate finish time: 6pm
  • Teams: LTA U15s & U13s – player selection to be made nearer the time.


  • Abingdon vs St Birinus School Tournament
  • Date: Tuesday 4 June 
  • Location: Tilsley Park
  • Start time: 4pm
  • Approximate finish time: 6pm
  • Teams: LTA U15s & U13s – player selection to be made nearer the time.


  • Abingdon vs Wood Green School Tournament
  • Date: Monday 20 May 
  • Location: Tilsley Park
  • Start time: 4pm
  • Approximate finish time: 6pm
  • Teams: LTA U15s & U13s – player selection to be made nearer the time.


  • Abingdon vs MCS Tournament
  • Date: Wednesday 22 May
  • Location: MCS
  • Start time: 3.45pm
  • Approximate finish time: 6.30pm
  • Teams: LTA U15s & U13s – player selection to be made nearer the time.


Tennis Cancelled fixtures:


  • Matthew Arnold School
  • Thursday 2 May U13s – Cancelled
  • Thursday 23 May U15s – Cancelled
  • Thursday 6 June U13s & U15s – Cancelled
  • Thursday 13 June U13s and U15s – Cancelled


  • St Birinus School
  • Thursday 9 May U13s & U15s – Cancelled
  • Thursday 16 U15s – Cancelled


  • Wood Green School
  • Thursday 9 May U13s – Cancelled
  • Thursday 16 May U13 & U15 – Cancelled
  • Thursday 23 May U15 – Cancelled
  • Thursday 6 June U13 – Cancelled


  • MCS
  • Thursday 2 May U15s – Cancelled
  • Thursday 9 May U13s & U15s – Cancelled
  • Thursday 16 May U13s – Cancelled 
  • Thursday 13 June U13s – Cancelled
  • Thursday 20 June U13s – Cancelled


Thank you for your patience and understanding. Tom Allen, Master i/c Tennis

Food menu for the coming week – Week 1