1 May 2015


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Letter from the Head (PDF)



Teenagers Translated

Janey Devonshire, the founder of Teenagers Translated, will be giving a presentation at St Helen and St Katharine on Tuesday 12 May 6.30pm. We are very aware of the difficulties facing the boys as they navigate their teenager years, but we also realise that that can lead to it being a difficult time for parents too! For more info on Teenagers Translated please go to their website. Janey Devonshire will be addressing issues such as:

  • What is different about being a teenager today? 
  • Understanding and managing today’s teenage stress 
  • Understanding addiction and avoiding potential pitfalls 
  • Understanding the implications of online pornography 
  • Understanding how eating disorders develop (an ever-increasing issue for boys)
  • Managing change and transitions
  • Balancing independence with boundaries 

This evening has been organised by the SHSK Parents' Association who have kindly extended the invite to Abingdon parents as well, and I would thoroughly recommend it. If you intend to go, please can you click the following link.

5th Year Clinics and Supervised Study

5th Year go on study leave today and are not expected back into school this term except to sit their exams. As mentioned at the 5th year parents' evening last term, we offer a programme of subject clinics and supervised silent study for the first three weeks of study leave (up to half term). 5th year boys have been individually issued with the programme by email and it is also available on our website under Calendar & Events> Exam Timetables. The programme is entirely voluntary and boys should use it according to how they feel it might support their revision.

For parents of Lower Sixth students requesting absence for university open days

On return from study leave the Lower Sixth focus their attention on university entrance and there are a number of university open days in June. They are on both weekdays and weekends and I would like to clarify the procedures for requesting absence on these days. We advise that students miss no more than two days of school in this four week period in order that rigorous lessons can be taught to full or nearly full classes. More than ever before it seems that universities are offering a Saturday open day in the summer of 2015. This is a great alternative if a student is not selected for a school sport fixture and we expect students to take up the chance to go to an open day without missing school. Week day absence requests should be submitted to the Upper Master, Nick O'Doherty, using the form provided, and requests for absence from sports fixtures should be directed to the Head's office in the normal way.

Driving along Park Road and Park Crescent: 20mph

Parents are asked to adhere to the speed limit along these private roads.

Food Menu for the coming week – Week 2