1 Dec 2017


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Save the Date: OA Damian Sutcliffe to Speak at Abingdon School on the Technological Revolution in Financial Services

Damian Sutcliffe (OA 1987), the now retired former EMEA Head of Technology and Global Chief of Operations Technology at Goldman Sachs, is coming to Abingdon on Friday 2 February (4-5pm, Sports Centre Hospitality Suite) to speak about the technological revolution occurring in the financial services sector and career opportunities that this revolution is already bringing. The event is open to any students who are interested in the topic, but is most relevant to 5th year, L6 and U6.


  • The Christmas Concerts – Wednesday 6 and Thursday 7 December at 7pm – The two popular Christmas Concerts will take place next week and they provide a platform for all the School's senior orchestras and bands. For those new to the School they will give a sense of the range and depth of Abingdon's music. Tickets are available in advance from the school's website (Friday is sold out) and we look forward to seeing many of you there.
  • Programme – The following ensembles will be performing: First Year Choir, Gospel Choir, Joint Chamber Choir, Brass Band, Big Band, First Wind Band, Chamber Orchestra, Second Orchestra, First Orchestra
  • Arrangements for performers – Parents of boys in the First Year have been circulated already with arrangements for the concert days. All the other performers will be required for final rehearsals after school on the Wednesday at times published in the Music School. Supper will be provided on both nights, and the school will bear the cost of one of these. Boys are reminded to wear white shirts as usual on concert days. Boys in the Big Band should be aware that their concert dress includes a colourful waist coat of their choice.

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