Video clips

The video clips, which in most cases are filmed by the boys and staff, are intended to give an informal glimpse of life at Abingdon. 

We also have a Film Unit run for the boys with the help of industry professionals. The AFU has made well over 100 films: documentaries, animation and fiction. The AFU's material can also be viewed on their website.

Biology Department Volunteers

New Year Charity Concert

Michaelmas Term in Pictures 2017

First Year Choir, Christmas Concert 2017

Chapel Choir Choral Evensong at Tewkesbury Abbey

Sobell House, AFU


Strong and Stable, AFU

Thirsty Meeples, AFU

Get Your Baldrics, AFU

One Step at a Time, AFU


Educating the Heathen, AFU

Lower School Be the Best Challenge

Abingdon Foundation Video

Chamber Orchestra - Christmas Concert 2016

Big Band - Christmas Concert 2016

Michaelmas Term in Pictures 2016

Greening Court

Yang Science Centre

The Red Brick, AFU

Fade Away, AFU

The Brass Violin, AFU

SB20 National Championships

House Singing Competition Oct16

Open Day 2016 speech by Jonah Walker

Open Day 2016 speech by George Jeffreys

Start of Term Sailing

Sailing, Greece 2016

Abingdon Boat Club

A Glimpse of School Life 2015-16

Be the Best Celebration, BMX Jump

Summer Term in Pictures 2016

2nd Year BMX Workshop

Lower School Gala Concert 2016

Lower School Sports Day 2016

LS Other Half in a Day

L6th Boys Climbing

Second Year Adventure Trip 2016

First Year Adventure Trip 2016

Lent Term in pictures 2016

Choral Concert 2016

4th XI vs St Edward’s

48th Annual Road Relay

Chameleon feeding

Bellringing 2016

2nd Year Physics Challenge

2nd Year Choir 2016

YSC Sculpture Timelapse

Heads of School 2015

Michaelmas Term in Pictures 2015

Teachers Come Dancing 2015

1st Yrs on duty at the Kassam

Senior Instrumental Solo Competition

Science Centre Opening 2015

House Singing 2015

Science in the making

Lego Architecture Club

Be the Best Launch 2015

Moldova Trip 2015

Abingdon 2014-15

Summer Term 2015

DofE Sheep Rescue

LS Gala Concert 2015

1st VIII on the river

LS History Club 2015

Junior Scholars’ Concert May15

Chapel Choir, Magdalen College

Balloon Flight

Balloon Launch

1st Year Adventure Trip 2015

2nd Yr Adventure Trip 2015

Lent Term 2015

Inter House Sports, Lent 2015

Road Relay 2015

Choral Concert March 2015

Community Service Tea Party

Drill: Air Squadron Trophy

Scholars’ Concert No.4

Chamber Music Concert

Fencing vs Winchester

Electronics Lesson Fun

Les Misérables

Organ Recital Lent 2015

Scholars’ Concert No.3

Gospel Choir Inaugural Performance

New Year Charity Concert 2015

Chinese Lion Dance Workshop

Michaelmas Term in Pictures 2014

Inter-House Sports 2014

‘As You Like It’

Lynx Lands at Abingdon

Trumpet Masterclass Inspires Innovation

House Singing Competition 2014

Creating ‘The Blazer’ Magazine

Liberty Bell, Joint Military & School Bands

First Years practising for House Singing 2014

Open Day 2014

Life at Abingdon by Lower School

Summer Term 2014

Video clips

Academic videos