12 November 2018

On Friday a group of 13 fifth formers and lower sixth students attended the Spotlight on Languages event at the University of Bath. Besides the extremely informative sessions on the university programmes and the perspective careers and employability with a language degree; they had the chance to attend lectures on all three languages French, German and Spanish as well as Italian ab initio. Here are some of students’ comments:

“It was useful in determining what I want to go on to do in the future with higher education and further emphasised the importance of languages at this point in time for me.”

“I very much enjoyed the trip as I got to be involved in a proper university language lesson, and had the chance to have a brief introduction to Italian, a language I’ve never learnt before, made especially fun by Enrico’s great teaching. I also now understand how language studies can help with finding a job.”

“It was really good seeing the job options that a linguist can potentially take and it was good to have a taster of what a proper university language lessons would be like. Found it really useful.”

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