26 February 2020

This year’s advanced paper for the UK Linguistics Olympiad saw a new round of challenging linguistics problems that were tackled very well by Abingdon students.

Only the top 5% of participants receive a gold, the next 10% a silver and the next 20% a bronze certificate. This year, the following four boys have achieved certificates:


Alexandre Peuch
Johnny Stavropoulos
Joseph Betts
Luka Shanidze

And the following boys have achieved a bronze certificate:

Archie Leishman
Francesco Bartolini
Fran Trotter
Jakob Hobbs
Philip Grotjahn
Ross Tselos
Tom Walters
Torsten Ayerst – one of the youngest so far to receive a bronze in the advanced paper.

Congratulations to all and we hope you had fun tackling the problems.

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